Single Review: Brothers Osborne, “It Ain’t My Fault”

“It Ain’t My Fault”
Brothers Osborne

Written by Lee Thomas Miller, John Osborne, and T.J. Osborne

With its driving introductory beat, “It Ain’t My Fault” may sound like another in a long line of brash, thumping party songs, and in a way, it certainly is.

There is something different about this one though. There is tongue in cheek ridiculousness that suggests an awareness from the song’s point of view.

He obnoxiously trips over himself to blame everyone and everything around him for his actions, including blaming “the whiskey on the beer” or “the beer on the whiskey,” “the heart for the hurtin'” or “the hurtin’ on the heart,” “the ex for the drinkin'” or “the drinkin’ for the ex,” and on and on and on. However, as he’s grasping at straws to blame everything else for his drunken escapade and proclaiming that nothing that he is doing is his fault, he is inadvertently claiming ownership for what he’s doing.

So, you can blame Osborne’s rich, playful voice, the sing-able melody and the purposely ridiculous premise for why I dig this song.

Grade: B+



  1. I like this song because at its core is the pleading of an immature guy in a tailspin, and he knows that he can’t win his argument. Much like ” Drunk On A Plane”. Good review.

  2. Just heard this song for the first time and also thought it could be Trace Adkins! Loved the Bros. Osborne before I heard this and even more now. Enjoy hearing them perform.

  3. I like this song. Solid production, good vocals, great summer song. Talented duo- I just wish my radio station would stop playing their hit in recurrent status ad naueam

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