Single Review: Jon Pardi, “She Ain’t In It”

“She Ain’t In It”
Jon Pardi

Written by Clint Daniels and Wynn Varble 

Jon Pardi’s current single is mercifully devoid of the studio tricks and production distractions that have marred otherwise-solid recent single releases. What instead get here is a beautiful, fiddle and steel driven arrangement that would sound right at home on a George Strait album.

And yet, if this particular song were to be found on a George Strait album, I can’t help but suspect that it would have remained a filler cut rather than a radio single. The verses are too wanting in detail to make the story feel real. Pardi sings of not wanting to hear the name or see the face of his former lover, who as it turns out, is left seemingly nameless and faceless, while “that place down by the interstate out past the city limits” sounds like the type of place that could be found in any contemporary country song.

Is it pleasant to listen to? Absolutely.

Is it compelling? Not so much.

Grade: B


  1. Thank you! I’ve seen time and time again that this is like the greatest song ever and yeah this song is good. But it’s still not the greatest thing out there, even in the mainstream. The lyrics are solid but aren’t revolutionary, same with vocals.

    Solid song but not great. I’ll give it the benefit grave on a curve and give it a B+.

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