Single Review: Kenny Chesney, “Tip of My Tongue”

“Tip of My Tongue”

Kenny Chesney

Written by Kenny Chesney, Ross Copperman, and Ed Sheeran

One of my longest running criticisms of Kenny Chesney’s later work is its overproduction and reliance on pop bells and whistles.

Yet it’s a collaboration with pop superstar Ed Sheeran that has resulted in one of his finest singles in recent years.  “Tip of My Tongue” lives up to Chesney’s breezy, casual reputation, sounding practically effortless as it delivers a warm tale of budding romance.

The record works so well because Chesney sounds so good.  Gone are the overprocessed vocals that made him sound like he was singing into a tin can.  Too many singers today, particularly veterans, obscure their genuine talent by employing the great equalizing studio tricks that make being able to sing in tune completely optional.  Chesney is a better singer than he’s often given credit for, and he sounds better here than he has in a very long time.

This is a promising preview of the singer’s upcoming eighteenth studio album.

Grade: B+


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  1. Not bad -and I’m not a Chesney fan. After just playing it for the first time, i don’t have the urge to play it again but I listened to the end.

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