Single Review: Martina McBride, “Girls Like Me”

“Girls Like Me”

Martina McBride

Written by Stephanie Chapman, Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, Martina McBride, Alexis Kristine Shadle, Dan Swank, Ryan Tedder, Michael Tyler, and Halie Wooldridge

Songwriting by committee is one of those easily tossed about phrases used to malign what sounds like assembly line song craft, even when it usually isn’t.

But there are eight songwriters responsible for “Girls Like Me,” which is the product of the Songland reality show concept currently in its debut season.   Martina McBride was a guest for one of the episodes, and this song is the result. It really is songwriting by committee.

All things considered, it’s not a bad effort.  We haven’t heard from McBride for a while, who put out a Christmas album in 2018 but hasn’t issued a collection of new material since two years prior.   She sounds gentler than usual on “Girls Like Me,” which goes well with the encouraging lyrics.  This is a song about encouraging young girls to take chances and make mistakes, because that’s how they’ll grow.  The chorus does most of the heavy lifting, as she acknowledges a younger version of herself that is smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey while second guessing her own worth, all because some boy is too foolish to recognize it himself.

It’s the verses that feel like quickly slapped up spackle, and they don’t succeed in giving the song’s chorus and concept the support needed to bring them to fruition.   I’d love to hear more worldly wisdom from McBride.  Let’s just do it without the artificial deadline of a reality show that’s itching to move on to writing something for next week’s guest artist.  Her talent deserves better.

Grade: C+



  1. All Songland does is give an artist a quick buzz due to a song that tends to be pretty paint by the numbers and within a few weeks the general public has moved onto the next thing.

    The only song I can think of that has had staying power is Lady Antebellum “Champagne Night” which is also pretty boring even though I do like Hillary’s voice.

  2. I could have sworn the show was in its second season but then again I’m too tired to look it up and honestly don’t care. It’ll probably be gone and forgotten next year. I’m struggling to understand how all those people/writers contributed or have songwriting credit when all they did was advise the contestant on song structure or phrasing, It’s unfair they’ll get a paycut.
    For what its worth Martina sounds amazing after the vocal issues she’s had. I hope we get an album of original material pretty soon.

  3. Martina sounds good, but the song is nothing special – she’s recorded better. Actually I would like to see her do a bluegrass album or TIMELESS V2

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