Album Review: Devin Dawson, The Pink Slip EP

Devin Dawson

The Pink Slip EP

Devin Dawson rose to fame after he filmed a Taylor Swift mashup with Louisa Wendorff. His first hit was “All On Me” from his debut album, Dark Horse.   He has now followed up that set with The Pink Slip EP, released on January 16, 2021.

The first single, “Range Rover,” is an upbeat song about finding a girl who doesn’t care what he has,  in contrast to his ex Amanda, who wanted someone with a more luxurious lifestyle.  Amanda wanted a designer home, the newest iPhone, hated beer, and was far too interested in his music career for his tastes.

He goes on to explain that he wants a girl who doesn’t care if he has a truck with a broken AC and blown speakers, doesn’t mind if she rides next to him with the windows down.  It’s very catchy and is a good reminder to look below the skin to make sure you’re in a compatible relationship.  With a poppy flavor and a catchy melody, it is one of those songs that will get stuck in your head for a week after hearing it once.

“I Got a Truck” is about a man who wants to make a living with his music, so he goes to the bank to get a loan, with the truck as collateral. This is probably the best song about a truck I’ve heard in a long time. It’s relatable in terms of having a dream and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

“Whatever Forever Is” s a hopeful love song about finding someone to spend your life with. He tries to put forever into words, but that’s a hard thing to do. It reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in lyrical quality. In contrast, “He Loved Her” is more stereotypically country, but despite lyrics reminiscent of “People are Crazy,” the end result is boring and not memorable.

Overall, this EP has a very energetic and hopeful tone.  Dawson keeps things simple but lovely, and the lyrical content is strong overall. It’s a promising new release from this quickly developing talent.

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