Single Review: StoweGood, “Loving That Woman in the Mirror”

“Loving That Woman in the Mirror”


Written by Stowe Dailey and Karen Taylor-Good

StoweGood consists of two singer songwriters, Karen Taylor-Good and Stowe Dailey. Taylor-Good is best known for penning How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” for Patty Loveless, and for writing “Precious Child” for parents who have lost their babies. She has also written songs for Collin Raye and Neal McCoy. Stowe Dailey is a motivational speaker, has written five books, and co-wrote the hit, “Leavin’s Been a Long Time Comin'” for Shenandoah. 

The two came together for their newest song, “Loving That Woman in the Mirror.” The song is about learning to see yourself and love yourself while looking in the mirror as you get older. The song starts out with Stowe playing guitar and Karen playing piano. It has a very soothing sound. 

Karen sings about a woman in the mirror who looks familiar, but is still seeing the changes that come with age and feeling sad about them. “Help me love her,” she asks, “help me see she’s still me.” Stowe sings the second verse, and observes that if she was looking at someone besides herself, she’d give comforting words.  She needs to show herself the same grace that she would show a stranger. 

Stowe and Karen harmonize well together on a song that hits lyrically in a unique way. Even though it was written for an older woman, it could also resonate with younger women who are worried about getting older and are already not liking what they see in the mirror.  

Grade: A

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  1. Very good song.

    I first heard of KTG when Melissa Manchester & Collin Raye recorded “A Mother and Father’s Prayer” which was written by MM & KTG (My wife’s a big fan of MM). KTG also co-wrote a Lisa Brokop single (w LB) “How Do I Let Go” which peaked at 19 on Canadian radio in 1998.

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