Single Review: Ashley Cooke, “Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night”

“Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night”

Ashley Cooke

Written by Matt Roy and Craig Wiseman

Ashley Cooke hails from Parkland, Florida and graduated from Belmont University in 2019. Her influences are Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean, which makes so much sense after listening to this song.

The song starts off with talking about how everyone is downtown drinking. She was staying out all night drinking in these same bars because her boyfriend broke up with her. This night is going to be different though, because she’s going to drive off in her truck and talk to God.

She says she needs to “take in a tailgate sunset fade” and she wants the hymns to “blow the bench seat speakers.” She wants the fireflies and the star lights to be her preacher. She uses cliché sounding metaphors like “crash course life” throughout.

There isn’t really much about God in this song. It’s mostly just a bunch of expressions describing night time in the south. While I understand that nature can be very healing and some people find God in the middle of nature, this entire song feels trite and played out. I also hate the idea that you have to only have one day of the week to praise God, talk to Him, and be in His presence, like this song seems to suggest.

It’s sad, because she has a nice voice. But this song is absolutely no different than most of what’s currently on country radio. Jesus, trucks, whiskey, and the same worn out sound.

Grade: D


  1. So we’re really already at that point where new mainstream country artists list FGL and Aldean as main influences. Yikes! I didn’t have to listen to this to know exactly how this song would sound, but I did anyway, and yep, same ol’ same ol’. I pretty much agree, a decent voice going to waste. BTW, welcome aboard, Michelle!

  2. This is the most dangerous kind of song to have on a format that’s already full of them, and that is a just plain mediocre song that just sits there. I agree with Jamie that Ashley has a decent voice, but it’s only decent, and she doesn’t make a song like this, with such a cliched arrangement, any better (IMHO).

  3. I agree with the prior comments – the song stinks and her voice is only decent but it can be used more effectively. The prior video “Jealous Of The Sky” was quite an interesting song and the production was less obtrusive

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