Single Review: Kip Moore, “Good Life”

“Good Life”

Kip Moore

Written by Dan Couch, Jay Joyce, and Kip Moore

Let’s get it out the way first.  This has nothing at all to do with country music.

That being said, what a cool record.  Much as I love Moore’s expressive singing, the vocal effect on “Good Life” actually works, with his personality and sense of humor shining through.  It’s cleverly written, and his joy for his own complicated life is infectious.  Moore is more convincing as a rocker than other artists who’ve recently experimented with rock elements, so it’s no surprise that he pulls this genre switch off.

Now “Good Life” could easily be rechristened as a country song if you slapped on some fiddles and took the effect off of his vocal, and I’m surprised he’s leading off a project targeting country radio with what is quite obviously a pure rock record.

But it’s a good rock record, and I’m grading it accordingly.

Grade: B+


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