Single Review: Callista Clark, “It’s ‘Cause I Am”

“It’s ‘Cause I Am”

Callista Clark

Written by Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, and Laura Veltz

The success of Taylor Swift has made pop-flavored country teen acts inevitable.

As far as that category of singer-songwriter goes, Callista Clark is competent enough.  The lyrics are the real star here, with Clark making a more successful attempt at what Kelsea Ballerini was going for with “Peter Pan.”  She’s outgrown the guy by her side, but she can’t really hold it against him. “If I seem too complicated for ya,” she sings, “it’s ’cause I am.”

As a record, it’s less successful.  Part of the problem is the attempt at a hook in the chorus, with Clark reaching for a high note at the end of each line that she never grabs on to.   As for the production, think early Avril Lavigne without any edge.  Nothing particularly country, but not well positioned for contemporary pop, either.

Clark is a talent to keep an eye on, but she’s still developing her craft.  She’s got time.

Grade: C

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  1. She has potential as her voice sounds pretty solid, kind of like for me a mix of Avril Lavigne and I hear a bit of old Taylor Swift in there, not a lot but a little and as someone who loved early Taylor Swift (besides “Picture To Burn” her first album is flawless) I am excited for her.

    I will say, for someone who is so young she seems super talented and it seems like the industry is really behind this girl, so I think we will be hearing more from her sooner than later.

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