Single Review: Zac Brown Band, “Same Boat”

“Same Boat”

Zac Brown Band

Written by Zac Brown, Ben Simonetti and Jonathan Singleton

Zac Brown Band takes a stab at the inspirational song category and fails miserably, tethering a series of unrelated positive thinking quotes to a metaphor that doesn’t even apply to many of them.

See, we’re all in the same boat.  So don’t rock the boat.  Because we’re fishing in the same hole. So let’s agree to disagree.  Because you can’t run from your truth.  So take those shots and keep reloading.  Oh, and share the peaches that you’re holding.   And where did all the time and money go?  Hope that hope floats!

It’s like someone tried to make a song out of the clearance section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s wall art department, just reading all the signs from left to right, and when they couldn’t make them rhyme?

Rrrood’n doo doo doo.

God, it’s awful.

Grade: F


  1. The song sounds better than it actually is. The lyric is trite and scattered. While I think the reviewer is being much too harsh, I think a C- pretty well describes this song

  2. I also suspected KJC was being too harsh, I mean hating on ZBB is a sport here. Nope, not this time. F is right, this song even fails at being a trite inspirational ditty. It sounds like someone tried to train an AI to write a ZBB song and electricity went out halfway through the process.

  3. I too thought that KJC’s review was overly harsh, but that was before I gave the song a listen.

    Sorry to say, but I concur it’s utterly awful. I don’t know why I feel embarrassed for ZBB, but I do. Rrrood’n doo doo doo.

  4. I would probably look at this as simply background radio filler (well, if I still listened to country radio) if not for two reasons.

    1. The already quoted rrodd’n do do do line, which basically signifies that Brown/co-writers had no way to finish the rhyme TWICE and took the lazy way out. (I also feel the same about songs that randomly have the “WOAH” chant in the middle of them for no apparent reason).

    2. The fact that Zac Brown basically spent his last album cycle recording gems like “OMW”, “God Given”, and whatever the heck was on his solo album, demeaned people for criticizing the work, and then shows up and returns to their old sound when he realized that…surprisingly, The Owl and his solo album weren’t selling. He would have to record something along the lines of “Colder Weather” at this point for me to take notice again…and this sure as hell isn’t “Colder Weather”.

  5. I don’t know if I would quite say it’s an F, but this song is not good. Mainly because I can’t stand all these ‘inspirational, let’s all come together and be peaceful’ types of songs. Also the resemblance musically to “Chicken Fried” is uncanny and given that I am someone who hates “Chicken Fried” that doesn’t help me liking this song at all.

  6. …if we were all in the same boat, i should perhaps like to be on something like that snazzy lil’ yacht of kenny chesney, knowing me. having a soft spot for boat songs in general, i can quite enjoy this boat wreck of an inspirational one too. even in bed, bathroom and beyond.

  7. I agree, this song is the worst, country music itself should get an F, you’d be better off just tuning into a true hip-hop station, at least they are being true to their roots Instead of trying to pull fans, I can’t even put a country station on anymore.
    P.S- I’ll bet breaking up was no easier in the 90s than it is now, Where are you Hank Jr when we need you

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