Single Review: Kane Brown, “Leave You Alone”

“Leave You Alone”

Kane Brown

Written by Kane Brown, Jordan Minton, and Jordan Schmidt

On “Leave You Alone,” Kane Brown shows off some new moves within a familiar groove.

These songs of dedicated love and eternal monogamy are Brown’s bread and butter.  He’s done many songs in this same vein already, including hits like “Good As You,” “Heaven,” and “Worship You.”

“Leave You Alone” is a cut above those hits by virtue of his growth as a singer and a songwriter.  There is more specificity in the lyrics, which keeps it from being one of those country songs that sounds like it’s built around the title.

He continues to grow as a vocalist, with his unique ability to meld country, pop, and R&B together with complete authenticity more evident than ever.

All that being said, another love song simply can’t be as compelling as the series of records that preceded it, all of which were successful at exploring the themes of depression (“Memory”), resilience (“Blessed & Free”), and devastating heartbreak (“Whiskey Sour.”)

So this is probably his least impactful single of the last two years, but you know what? It’s still pretty damn good.

Grade: B+


    • He’s got the best elements of all nineties music embedded in his work, with country upfront and center! His work is what I hoped country music would sound like today after synthesizing the pop/R&B/rock/hip-hop trends of the previous generation, sort of like how the nineties country acts synthesized the 70’s pop/rock/R&B into their version of modern country.

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