Single Review: Ashley McBryde, “Light On in the Kitchen”

“Light On in the Kitchen”

Ashley McBryde

Written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde is the best female country artist on the radio right now.

That statement would’ve been true at any given moment since she launched her career, if only radio had gotten on board when the rest of us did.

She’s still working the brilliant Lindeville concept album, but the increasingly prolific McBryde has a new single targeting airplay, and it showcases her continued growth as a singer and a songwriter.

“Light On in the Kitchen” captures how parenting doesn’t end when we reach adulthood.  Sometimes our parents are still there physically, leaving a light on in the kitchen so we can drop by when we’re having troubles.  But more often, their presence is in the back of our mind.  There was a time for most of us when the voice of a parent was our dominant inner voice, long before we find our own.

That’s why it’s so important to be thoughtful in how we talk to our kids.  The way we talk to them is the way they talk to themselves.

McBryde’s mom did a damn good job, imparting words of wisdom that all of us can benefit from.

This is how you raise a child to be smart, confident, and empathetic:

Pancakes just taste better after midnightWhen you make friends, always be color blindYour freckles make you prettyThere’s more to life than bein’ skinnyWhen you feel fat, it’s mostly in your mind
So honey, trust yourselfYou better love yourself‘Cause ’til you do, you ain’t no good to anybody else
And honey, boys are dumbBut you’re gonna find your oneLove him hard, bless your heartYou’ll need someone to listen
And that’s why I leave a light on in the kitchen

I’ll go ahead and take my parenting cues from this ode to mama and not that other one on the radio right now.

Grade: A



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