Year-End Flashback

December 27, 2016 Kevin John Coyne 0

As we get ready to roll out our lists of the Best of 2016 and the Best of 1991, take a look back at all of Country Universe’s Year-End Lists!

The Best Albums of 2015, Part Two: #10-#1

December 28, 2015 Jonathan Keefe 6

The upper half of our albums list reflects the revitalization of country music in 2015, courtesy of mostly younger artists with fresh perspectives in their lyrics and arrangements. There is still a legend or two in the mix, but if this year has proven anything, it’s that the genre’s future is in good hands.

Year-End Rodeo 2015: The Master Lists

December 14, 2015 Jonathan Keefe 17

As 2015 winds down, we’ll be unveiling the Country Universe crew’s Top 30 Singles and Top 20 Albums, along with our writers’ individual ballots. Because everyone loves lists. And lists of lists. But, despite all