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5 Questions with Adam Gregory

November 7, 2008 Guest Contributor 0

At only twenty-three years old, Adam Gregory has been performing for ten years in his native Canada. After arriving in Nashville in 2007, he signed a recording contract with Midas Records, who then reformed last

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Adam Gregory, “What It Takes”

October 31, 2008 Guest Contributor 14

At just twenty-three years old, Adam Gregory has built a following in Nashville based on a soulful vocal style and a strong dose of melody. His first single, “Crazy Days,” dinted the charts, and now he’s

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Adam Gregory, “Crazy Days”

September 5, 2008 Guest Contributor 7

The introduction to newcomer Adam Gregory is an energetic one.  It’s a yearning for the simpler days, as told by a ready-made-for-radio voice.  Gregory’s voice has just enough hint of desperation to make this tale,