Adam Gregory, “Crazy Days”

The introduction to newcomer Adam Gregory is an energetic one.  It’s a yearning for the simpler days, as told by a ready-made-for-radio voice.  Gregory’s voice has just enough hint of desperation to make this tale, one of true love losing its spark, seem believable.

The song is a bit unoriginal, but the quality of the production and the earnest nature of Gregory’s voice make it just a cut above the rest of country radio fare.

Grade: B-

Listen: Crazy Days


  1. I can’t stand this, for whatever reason. Maybe because it sounds like it could just as easily be played on a modern rock station if you added one more layer of guitar (not that I have a problem with modern rock as a genre, but most of the popular stuff is pretty bad, and definitely not musically related to country in any way). I just don’t get the deal with homeboy here, I guess.

  2. I’ll second what Matt B. said about Adam. It’s a decent introduction to him for the U.S. but he’s a better ballad singer than up-tempo stuff. His third album had quite a few good tunes on it.

  3. I agree with Matt and Jordan. AG is an unbelievable ballad singer. The thing about “Crazy Days” is that it is very catchy. I think that is what they were going for with a debut single. Hopefully you will agree with how good he is when he releases more music.

  4. Hmmm…I did not know that America did not have Adam Gregory. He has been the man since he was a boy here in Canada. Great song, great artist.

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