Jeff Bates, “Riverbank”

At the funeral of his father, the character in Jeff Bates’ new single “Riverbank” feels the rush of old memories when the pair would enjoy days together at the fishing hole.  The death has made him reflective, but grateful for the time they shared, and Bates is convincing with an honest, heartfelt performance.

Bates has always exhibited a distinctively gruff voice, and it works well with the sadness of the song.  He’s backed by a simple, humble production that fits with its bittersweet tone  As Bates notes before the last chorus, he’s determined to “try to catch a few” and appreciate life like his father would want.

Here’s hoping “Riverbank” catches a few spins from country radio.

Written by Jeff Bates, Robert Arthur and Kirk Roth

Grade: B

Listen: Riverbank


  1. If Jeff would pick some better songs, he might build up enough of a track record to get an automatic “in” with country radio. As it stands, he’s got to put out a masterpiece to get airplay, due to his mostly shoddy singles thus far. I haven’t heard this one, but I’ll have to check it out on iTunes. I like his voice and his story, so I’m rooting for him.

  2. I have all three of his albums and I do find that with each one he’s picking better material, but it’s doubtful that he’ll have much chart success without a major lable pushing him.

  3. “Riverbank” is a song that many can relate too..It’s very touching and Jeff does a wonderful job with it. Kudos to the writers.

  4. Jeff Bates voice touches your very soul on “Riverbank”. It’s something I believe everyone can relate to…special days that will always be remembered with a special someone. If given the airplay it deserves, this song can be a big hit for Jeff.

  5. This is one of the most touching songs I have heard in my lifetime emotion poured into it makes tears come to my eyes everytime I hear it..if this doesn’t touch your very soul then I can’t think of a song that will. One of Jeff’s best and hopefully a number one.

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