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The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 23

June 1, 2011 Kevin John Coyne 22

Today’s category is…

An Oldie But Goodie.

Here are the staff picks:

Kevin Coyne: “Tell It to the Rain” – The 4 Seasons

You can tell it’s the mid-sixties because they’re dabbling a bit with production gimmicks. I think it’s their coolest sounding record, one of their best compositions, and Frankie Valli at the peak of his vocal prowess.

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The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 8

May 16, 2011 Kevin John Coyne 24

Today’s category is…

A Song That You Know All the Words To.

Staff Picks:

Kevin Coyne: “My Way” – Frank Sinatra

There’s gotta be a thousand songs I know all of the words to, but I’ll pick this one because it took me a while to anticipate all of the odd rhymes with “my way”, most especially the line about “each careful step along the byway.” Plus I’m just going through a big Sinatra phase these days.