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Michelle Branch, “Sooner Or Later”

July 24, 2009 Dan Milliken 11

…Or as I’m going to call it, “Michelle Branch copying Taylor Swift copying Michelle Branch.”

For real, though. It’s like the thing has passed through so many levels of self-consciousness that most of the personality just got rubbed out of the mix at some point, leaving behind only a flimsy song and recycled production.

It’s not unpleasant listening, but it’s difficult to avoid comparing to Swift’s similar (and superior) “You Belong With Me,” and even harder to enjoy in the context of Branch’s own body of work, which has seen both pop and pop-country with much more passion, maturity and distinction.

Remind me why we can’t have The Wreckers again?

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Say What? – Michelle Branch

January 24, 2009 Kevin John Coyne 5

Michelle Branch on her upcoming album, from last week’s issue of Billboard: It’s more singer/songwriter than, I would say, country, but I think the term ‘country’ is all relative now.  There’s really no room for