Michelle Branch, “Sooner Or Later”

michelle branch 2…Or as I’m going to call it, “Michelle Branch Copying Taylor Swift Copying Michelle Branch.”

For real, though. I didn’t sit in when this was made or anything, but it sounds like it passed through so many levels of self-consciousness that most of the personality just got rubbed out of the mix at some point, leaving behind a flimsy song and a recycled production.

It’s not unpleasant listening, but it’s difficult to avoid comparing to Swift’s similar (and superior) “You Belong With Me,” and even harder to enjoy in the context of Branch’s own body of work, which has seen both pop and pop-country with much more passion, maturity and distinction.

Remind me why we can’t have The Wreckers again?

Grade: C-

Listen: Sooner Or Later


  1. Compared to her other stuff it’s definatly lacking, but compared to country radio right now, it’s definatly a song I prefer to hear on the radio.

    Now that you pointed out the Taylor Swift comparsions, I’m really noticing it after hearing the song again. But Michelle definatly has better vocals than Swift as proven in years past.

  2. (Do we HAVE to have a 30 second commercial before every single song CMT??? I tried to listen to it twice in a row and had to see the stupid commercial again! ARrgg. /rant)

    I see the TS ‘you belong with me’ comparison (especially in the production), but not through the whole thing. Lines like ‘its a little too late for that’, ‘You’ll be sorry when you figure out I was always everything that you needed,’ and ‘you’re gonna wish me back so bad’ seem to say that he had his chance, screwed up and now she’s gone. Sounded more like a bad knock-off of Sarah Buxton’s ‘stupid boy’ meets ‘you belong with me’.

    Or I could be delusional. I seem to have a problem getting MB’s songs. It seems really clear at first but then gets vague when I try to think about it. She seems to change between past and present tense at odd times.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. Although I will openly say that this song is one of Michelle’s weaker songs on her album, Everything Comes and Goes, she wrote it in the style of Tom Petty. Yes, the producers covered up the song a bit with pop in the background which may remind you of Taylor. Go listen to the live versions on youtube. Or if you need proof that Michelle “still has it” and can write a damn good song, go look up “Texas in the Mirror” or “Everything Comes and Goes.”

  4. “it sounds like it passed through so many levels of self-consciousness that most of the personality just got rubbed out of the mix at some point”

    Dan, I can’t agree more on this. I was so disappointed with this song coz it’s purely commercial. the versus are just fine but the “sooner or later” part is just annoying as hell and its only purpose is to get people to sing along with it.
    I heard some of the other stuff from her coming album and they’re pretty good. I have no clue why she chose this song to lead. She’s not really a new artist to kick it off with light weight songs to be accepted by the general listeners. She already has her fans, she could’ve started off with a strong michelle branch (or wreckers:P) sounding song.
    i prefer jessica harp’s song, it’s more real.

  5. It seems like poor Michelle Branch has been set back mostly by the record labels she allows to handle her career. Unfortunately she has potential that will never see the light of day, because she’s always going to be exactly who they want her to be: someone else.

  6. I could not DISAGREE more. You cannot say she is coping Taylor Swift. This is the style she has used in all her albums. I myself am glad she has a new album to offer and am very happy for her. She is one of the more gifted and honest performers that has come along in a long time. Do some homework the next time and actually listen to some of her albums. And an end note I am sure she can handle herself quite well and I hope continues on with this for a long time to come.

  7. piss on Taylor! “Sooner or Later” by Michelle Branch rocks just like she always has, and can not wait for her new album. People who prefer Taylor over Michelle want quantity over quality. Do not insult Michelle by comparing her to Taylor! And if not for Michelle- no Taylor. And those who feel Taylor perfected- who has the experience?

  8. I don’t really even hear the country in it. The only country aspect of it is noticable if you pay close attention to the background instrumentation

  9. I personally liked “Sooner or Later,” but I would also like to know “why we can’t have the Wreckers again.” I think it was a mistake for Michelle and Jessica to go their seperate ways so early in their duo career. It was highly unlikely that their solo projects would achieve the success that the Wreckers came so close to achieving. The fact that both ex-Wreckers have failed to make a splash at radio leaves me slightly unhappy, but not at all surprised.

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