Blaine Larsen, “It Did”

Blaine LarsenYou may already recognize this song from Brad Paisley’s 5th Gear album. But then again, you may not, since it’s not especially memorable, anyway. Much like Paisley’s “Then”, “It Did” sentimentalizes that life just keeps getting better and better with each progressing milestone (courtship, wedding, baby).

Paisley’s version is superior in production quality while Larsen’s warm voice outshine’s Paisley’s vocals. However, in either case, the melody and lyrics are particularly bland with Larsen’s unimaginative pop infused production managing to turn an already unengaging song into something next to insufferable. Furthermore, this song just wasn’t worth recycling in the first place.

While Larsen has not always chosen songs that have risen to the occasion of his rich baritone, I was hoping that the lead single for his third album would show us that his song selections had finally caught up to his immense vocal talent. Disappointingly, “It Did”does not.

Written by Jim Collins & Marv Green

Grade: C

Listen: Blaine Larsen, “It Did”


  1. sadly i must agree. “It Did” was a very rare miss for me on Paisley’s CD and I have always been a fan of Larson but once again this song has stained an artist i enjoy. Although I hope it does the trick, i don’t think the song is deserving of it.

  2. “..stained an artist”??

    Was that a dark cherry woodgrain or a maple oak?

    Hey the guy can sing anything and it’ll sound good. Who cares?(its not a bad song either) I’d rather hear a voice like that then most of the other “saved by autotune” scratchy voices that were subjected to. Nuff said

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