Say What? – Michelle Branch

michelle-branchMichelle Branch on her upcoming album, from last week’s issue of Billboard:

It’s more singer/songwriter than, I would say, country, but I think the term ‘country’ is all relative now.  There’s really no room for singer/songwriters anymore at radio, so I think this is a natural step.

The album will be marketed as country by Warner Bros. Nashville and features a duet with Dwight Yoakam.



  1. I’d say she pretty much nailed the reason mainstream country music has grown into such an unnaturally big tent and begun attracting crossovers from pop. And who can fully blame her, really? At least she’s being honest about her the nature of her music instead of trying to pretend she’s “always” been country or some crap.

  2. I’m really not surprised – I expected Michelle to go back to pop once she’d finished with the Wreckers (not that they were exactly hardcore country, but I liked their record). It’s dispiriting that Warners intends to market her as country, but the last Wreckers’ single or two didn’t do as well as their debut IIRC, so it may be radio does have a limit for crossover artists after all.

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