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Pam Tillis, Greatest Hits

May 28, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 2

Greatest Hits June 3, 1997 Ah, the nineties.   What seemed so perfect back then, time has taken the shine away from.    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the quality of

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Pam Tillis, All of This Love

May 27, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 0

All of This Love November 7, 1995 You can learn much about an artist’s commitment to their craft by how they capitalize on their success. Pam Tillis had credibility and commercial clout to burn after

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Pam Tillis, Sweetheart’s Dance

May 27, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 2

Sweetheart’s Dance April 26, 1994 After two successful albums with producers Paul Worley & Ed Seay, Pam Tillis needed a change. She approached her label with a request to co-produce her third country album, and

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Pam Tillis, Rhinestoned

April 17, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 10

Pam Tillis Rhinestoned Rhinestoned, the first album of new material from Pam Tillis in nearly six years, once carried the subtitle High on Country Music. The title may have been shortened, but its spirit remains.

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Pam Tillis, Collection

March 25, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 0

Collection February 1, 1994 It has to be frustrating for a label to see an artist that they never had success with go on to another label in town and become a big star right

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Pam Tillis, Homeward Looking Angel

March 24, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 0

Homeward Looking Angel September 29, 1992 Pam Tillis followed up her gold-selling Arista debut Put Yourself In My Place with an album that was better by just about any standard. She co-wrote five of the

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Top 12 Career-Slowing Albums

April 24, 2005 Kevin John Coyne 3

When an artist is riding high, it only takes one bad move for it to all come crumbling down. Often, one album is blamed for slowing down a strong career, if not stopping it completely.

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