Sound Off: Jonah’s Road, “Counting Down the Days”

At Country Universe, we are often offered the opportunity to showcase new and rising artists.  Today, we’re beginning a feature called “Sound Off.”  Each entry in this feature will showcase a different artist, sharing a bit of their biography and music.

Our first featured artist is the band Jonah’s Road. Here’s a bit of their bio from their official website:

Sydney based band, Jonah’s Road, has developed a significant following in the Australian music scene over the past few years. The contemporary sound is a feature gaining them many new fans and the respect of their peers thanks to fantastic live shows, tight vocal harmonies and great songwriting.

The highly anticipated new album, Counting Down The Days, was released in January 2007 and is expected to repeat the success of the band..s multi-award winning first album Hold On. Jay, John & Rodney spent most of 2006 writing and recording the album. It was recorded and co-produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz studios and mixed by Robbie Specogna at Main Street Studios. The result is a collection of upbeat songs and soaring ballads highlighting the harmony-driven, country-pop sound for which the band is becoming well known. The first radio single is the title track Counting Down The Days which is an upbeat song written by Jay & Jasper Somerville-Collie in collaboration with Travis List.’

Check out the links below to read more about the band, and to download the track “Counting Down the Days.”  Once you’ve listened, sound off in the comments!

Download: Counting Down the Days

Official Site: Jonah’s Road

MySpace Page: Jonah’s Road


  1. On a quick first listen, i think these guys would really benefit from a producer with a strong hand. the records are good sonically, but a bit derivative and without a strong unifying feel. I hear Keith Urban, then RF, then Santana. I think the pop country genre has been thoroughly mined, and a bit of depth as a balance wouldn’t hurt.

    Like the new feature btw.

  2. Counting Down The Days is such a catchy song- I can’t help but tap my toes. Have a listen to some of their other songs on MySpace- the harmonies are incredible and I like the array of different influences, no two songs sound the same. I’ve seen these guys in concert and you rarely get a live act this good!

  3. I’ve been a big fan of the Australian country music scene since 2003 when some Aussies I met on a Kasey Chambers fan forum started sharing music with me. These Aussie friends keep me informed of any talented newcomers that appear on the scene down under so I can stay current.

    I’ve been a fan of Jonah’s Road since their first album “Hold On” was released back in 2004. I like the singers voices both individually and when singing harmony and they write some catchy songs with some good hooks in them. The blokes themselves will be the first to admit they don’t compose deep or complex songs, but what they do write is usually fun and enjoyable.

    As for newer Aussie artists that put out top albums in 2007, my favorites are “Chaos & Bright Lights” by The McClymont Sisters (recorded in Nashville). “Little Things” by Kirsty Lee Akers, and the self-titled indie debut EP by Harmony James. These CDs were definitely in my Top 10 favorite music purchases in 2007 and stand up to anything released in the US……..

  4. I have been a fan of Jonah’s road for a few years, so my comment will be only one thing. awesome, bloody fantastic, and just down right good. and the music is ok too. LOL. No really, these guys are going to go a long way. Buy their music and check out the rest of their music.

    Kathy, australia.

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