The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10

Today’s category is…

A Relaxing Song.

Here are the staff picks:

Dan Milliken: “Can’t Go Back Now” – The Weepies

This husband-wife duo’s sound is mega-soothing, the perfect match for a song which gently nudges the listener to persevere through reality’s burdens and chores. When I need relaxation, it’s usually because I’ve stopped feeling like I can. This one helps me realign.

Tara Seetharam: – Alan Jackson

As melodramatic as it sounds, no song is truly “relaxing” for me because I have a hard time separating my emotion from music. The best I can come up with is a song that’s “comforting” – and what’s more comforting than signature Alan Jackson?

Kevin Coyne: “Coming Around Again” – Carly Simon

The hook is great, but there’s something so soothing about the instrumentation and her vocal delivery.  It’s actually a pretty sad song, but somehow sounds calming and even a little uplifting.

Leeann Ward: “If I Didn’t Know Any Better” – Alison Krauss & Union Station

There’s just something so soothing about the mix of this song’s melody, Krauss’s angelic voice and Jerry Douglas’ haunting dobro that always relaxes me.

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22 Responses to The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10

  1. AndrewNo Gravatar

    “Second Wind” – Darryl Worley

  2. Normally I listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s later works for relaxation, but I want to strive for a different artist for each day, so:

    “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days),” The Judds

    ….What I love about this is it’s smooth melody and soft-spoken vocal makes it such a relaxing song, but at the same time, it makes me really think.

  3. BillyNo Gravatar

    “Thank You” – Dido.

    It’s a very sweet, sparsely produced pop song about having the best day ever. It relaxes me at least.

  4. “Bubbly” by Colbie Callait

  5. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar

    I agree with Tara and say that “Go On” by George Strait is one of the most comforting songs I’ve heard. “…what’s more comforting than signature Alan Jackson” and George Strait? :)

  6. Paul DennisNo Gravatar

    “Nice ‘N’ Easy” – either Charlie Rich or Frank Sinatra will do quite nicely, thank you

  7. Travis in VIrginiaNo Gravatar

    Emmylou Harris “Prayer in The Open D”

  8. bobNo Gravatar

    “It Ain’t Gonna Worry My Mind” by Cleve Francis, the singing cardiologist, from his 1994 album “You’ve Got Me Now”.

  9. Erik NorthNo Gravatar

    My choices here:

    DREAM WEAVER–Gary Wright: A 1976 classic rock staple, it has the most haunting and eerie synthesizer intro and outro in pop music history (IMHO), and very futuristic lyrics to go along with it.

    DON’T TALK (PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER)–Linda Ronstadt: Linda’s 1993 take (from her album Winter Light) on this track from the Beach Boys’ 1966 album Pet Sounds finds her in a relaxed, quiet mode underneath a bed of piano and synths.

  10. JakeNo Gravatar

    “World Spins Madly On” – The Weepies. It’s relaxing, comforting, and if you are feeling down I would suggest you listen in it.

  11. K-ManNo Gravatar

    This is a difficult category, but I guess I’ll go with David Archuleta’s “You Can”.

  12. MattNo Gravatar

    Here There and Everywhere

  13. MikeNo Gravatar

    Riviera Paradise by Stevie Ray Vaughn!

  14. klarkNo Gravatar

    Plain White T’s – “Rhythm of Love”

  15. TomNo Gravatar

    …alan jackson’s “song for live”

  16. ScottNo Gravatar

    ‘Baby Blue” George Strait

  17. KyleNo Gravatar

    “Ocean” – Hanna-McEuan

  18. JoJoNo Gravatar

    I know I already used this song for one of the other days, but this is one that always relaxes me: “This Time” by Carrie Underwood

  19. KarlyNo Gravatar

    Carrie Underwood “So Small.”

  20. “Nearest Distant Shore” by Trisha Yearwood.

    I know it’s about getting away from a bad relationship, and therefore pretty said. But the melody and the lyrics to chorus calm my soul. Reba’s “For My Broken Heart” has much the same effect on me.

  21. PhilipNo Gravatar

    “Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer” -Kenny Rogers

    There is something about Kenny’s music that is just relaxing to me. This song is very simple, but has a powerful image & message.

  22. ReaganNo Gravatar

    Long As I Can See the Light, Creedence Clearwater Revival. I don’t know why, but it’s soothing to me.