Single Reviews: February 24, 2005

This week’s batch of singles are pretty strong. There are a lot of new artists who show potential; hopefully, we’ll get to hear more from them. Pick of the Week: Amber Dotson.

TRICK PONY “It’s A Heartache” (Warner Bros.)<

Their cover of the Bonnie Tyler classic has a raw urgency that rivals the original. I don’t know if a cover song is the way to get this act back on the radio, but this is still one of the strongest singles of their career.

BOBBY PINSON “Don’t Ask Me How I Know” (RCA)
This is pretty good. I like his voice.

BRIAN McCOMAS “The Middle Of Nowhere” (Lyric Street)
Up-tempo and fun. I remain a fan.

AARON LINES “Waitin’ On The Wonderful” (BNA)
I assumed this was going to be another wimpy love song. Instead, this guy actually shows a pulse. This is enough to make you forget he sang “You Can’t Hide Beautiful.”

AMBER DOTSON “I’ll Try Anything” (Capitol)
She’s got a voice reminiscent of Lacy J. Dalton, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Nice to hear a woman who sounds like she’s done some living. The song itself is thematically similar to the Pam Tillis track “Hurt Myself”. I want to hear more.

DEANA CARTER “One Day At A Time” (Vanguard)
There are better songs on her new album. Still, it’s nice to hear that voice again.

CHARLIE ROBISON “El Cerrito Place” (DualTone)
Beautiful, romantic and longing. He’s the real deal.

DIAMOND RIO “One Believer” (Arista)
I simply don’t like excessive harmonies. I’d like to be able to hear Marty Roe.

JON RANDALL “Baby Won’t You Come Home” (Epic)
He’s one of the best harmony singers in the business. Personally, I don’t think he cuts it as the lead.

DARRYL WORLEY “If Something Should Happen” (DreamWorks)
It got to me by the bridge. What a sucker punch!

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