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Single Reviews: Feb. 23, 2006

February 23, 2006 Kevin John Coyne 0

Here we go again… BIG & RICH Never Mind Me I liked this ballad from the first time I heard the album. Nice, laid-back 70’s country-rock vibe. BILLY CURRINGTON Why, Why, Why Bleh. BOMSHEL It

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Top Twelve Debut Albums

February 22, 2006 Kevin John Coyne 6

Country music is blessed with artists that are in it for the long haul. The very best contribute to the genre for ten, twenty, thirty, even forty years or more. But how many are able

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20 Grammy Awards

February 10, 2006 Kevin John Coyne 1

20 Grammy Awards. Alison Krauss, after this year’s Grammys, now has twenty in her collection. TWENTY. More than any female artist in history. She already had that title, but she certainly padded her lead over

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Grammy Pre-Show Winners

February 8, 2006 Kevin John Coyne 0

Country winners announced so far. Some surprises: Best Country Female: Emmylou Harris, “The Connection” Not crazy about the song, but c’mon, it’s Emmy. Her first win in this category since the 80’s. Best Country Male:

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Grammy Nominations

February 4, 2006 Kevin John Coyne 0

Here’s a repost of my first Grammy reactions, which haven’t changed with time. My picks are highlighted in red. A Complete list of nominees is available here. The show airs this Wednesday, Feb. 8, on