Eric Church, “Guys Like Me”

Eric Church, “Guys Like Me”

Before listening, I was wondering if this was a cover of the Gary Allan album cut from a few years back. It’s not. It’s another tired retread of the “rich, educated girl” falls for “working-class poor boy.” Sample line: “Your daddy worked in a bank. My daddy worked on cars.” It’s not obnoxious like the current Trace Adkins single with the same theme. Church has an everyman’s delivery and there are no value judgements here. He seems genuinely surprised that she can look past their class differences. That said, there’s just nothing particularly original here, which is disappointing after his absolutely awesome previous single, “Two Pink Lines.”

Grade: B-

Listen: Guys Like Me


  1. Why A C+? because I think it’s a song that’s way too similar to other better songs. That and there are better songs on his album that could have been put out, but they chose this instead. I personally think they did it just so they could have the girl in the video.

  2. Eric Church and Jake Owen are my favorite newcommers – lots of gems on each debut CD. But with Eric, the cool thing is he is stating EXACTLY who he is – I’m like this (A,B,C,D how about you?); no apologies. I love that. So Sinners like me…instead of whinning about how “obnoxious” it is, I see it as part of the big Eric Church picture – he’s coming out of the gate like a young buck defining his persona and that song helps make that happen. I see it as part of the whole Eric package which I totally think is great. He’s worked with some great writers on these songs after signing with Capitol….I just hope he can build on the momentum…

  3. Eric Church is one of the best country artist around, his sounds are true and so is he. So he is definitely number 1 in my book.

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