Review: Beverley Mitchell, “Heaven On Earth Down Here”

Beverley Mitchell, “Heaven On Earth Down Here”

This is one of those times when I hear a record and I’m just not sure what purpose it serves. It’s from an actress on the CW show 7th Heaven. The song is filled with cliches we’ve heard a million times before about parking under the stars and falling in love – take away the country superstar name-dropping and it’s basically the Taylor Swift single. The song does no favors showcasing Mitchell’s voice; she’s all over the place and doesn’t have her own style. So what exactly is the point of the record? Don’t they have the good sense to realize this isn’t going to launch a career for a new artist, especially one on an independent label, where the promoters have the deck stacked against them already? With country radio not even playing Reba these days, I somehow doubt a much lesser star from the same network has a shot.

Grade: D

Listen Now: Heaven On Earth Down Here


  1. I liked the song and the singer. On the other hand, the lead review was poorly written, full of cliches and showed the writer’s lack insight in country music.

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