Review: Catherine Britt, “What I Did Last Night”

Catherine Britt, “What I Did Last Night”

Good Lord, this is actually painful to listen to, like she didn’t bother to clear her throat before hitting the studio. It’s a shame, since the song is actually quite good, the type that Tanya Tucker could’ve knocked out of the ballpark during her rowdy days. Britt just can’t deliver the melody consistently enough to form a hook.

Fact is, it’s time to stop signing cute blonde girls who don’t have the music chops and start looking for some real artists. A&R departments should listen to these demos right after listening to a Trisha Yearwood record, instead of while salivating over glossy photos of the latest pretty young thing.

Grade: C-

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  1. Precisely the problem – these days Nashville signs pretty blondes instead of woman who can sing . If the pretty blonde actually can sing, it’s a bonus

  2. you guys have no taste in music at all if you dont think that this artist cant pull of this song (that she wrote) and that she is just another blonde signed no talent….do you even know ahything about her??? she is far from that!!! how contrived of you just to assume shes not a real artist cos she has blonde hair!!!! wow…thats low….you guys are very unfair…
    catherine britt is an extreamly talented, educated, singer/songwriter….
    and you WILL be proved wrong and sorry!!!

  3. i agree with you jenny…
    do you guys even know anything about catherine’s career or storey at all before you go say stuff like that???? obviously not!!! cos you wouldnt say it… me…..
    catherine knows everything there is to know about country music and writing songs…
    she is actually quite the historian….and definetly talented and for once DIFFERENT!!!!
    and her being pretty is a bonus!!!!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song…i think its the best thing to hit radio in a while and she pulls it off better than tanya tucker ever could!!!
    she’s the real deal…

  4. I adore this song. Catherine Britt isn’t just some pretty face, though. i hate to agree with the fake accounts on this one, bar that Tanya Tucker comment. i just don’t understand why the American public doesn’t want to accept her as a musician and a songwriter. I think this song is a great step forward from her early, fun-poppy stuff. It shows strength as a musician and maturity. If American Country radio gives her a chance on this song, it’ll be her ticket to stardom.

  5. I visit this website sometimes and I really enjoy reading your opinions on different things: I agree a lot of the time and disagree sometimes. This time, I’ve got to disagree with you lol: I think Catherine is very talented and definitely much more than a pretty face who I don’t think got a record deal b/c of her looks. I don’t know her music extremely well, but I remember hearing her music from last year, or year before: don’t remember. It’s called “Upside of Being Down”, or something like that: anyway, that’s a really good song and very country. Her traditional country duet with Elton John is really good, though it’d be better w/o him, I think.

    This new song I like, thanks for posting it, but it’s not the greatest. Her vocals on this one are unique, and not perfect, but I just had to comment that she’s much more than a lot of singers in Nashville, and deserves much more credit.

  6. Once in a while good country tunes come around — not the pop top-10 junk one constantly scans by in search of some traditional country sounds.

    No cliche’s, no formulaic patterns, something a little new.

    Here is one of those.

  7. After hearing this song, I had to find out about Catherine Britt.

    She is a pretty blonde, but I had no idea when I fell in love with this song what she looked like.

    I hope to see and hear more of Catherine Britt.

  8. Ok this is the first review on here that I have to disagree with. Catherine Britt is one of the best new comers around, though this may not be her best song out there. She has a great country voice and her first two cds were great. The blonde comment was low, especially considering how many good blondes there are, Julie Roberts, Jennifer Nettles, Sunny Sweeny, Katrina Elam, Rachel Proctor, Deana Carter, Angela Hacker, Jessi Alexander, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, LeAnn Rimes, Natalie Maines, Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, and thoughtechniquely not a blonde Lee Ann Womack. I know that there are some blondes that just get signed for there looks but that doesn’t mean good looking blondes are bad singers, none of the ones I’ve mentioned are bad looking. This song In particular I give it a: B –

  9. Are you smoking crack? I’m just curious, what gives your the authority to say that she sounds like she didn’t clear her throat? This is a really good vocal. Do you know anything about singing or country music? I’m just curious, because hell, I might be wrong — but since you gave no support for your statment, I’m going to have to say you’re smoking crack.

  10. Uncalled for, sorry, clearly you’re not smoking crack. But here’s what I don’t get- you say that Tcker should be able to pull this song off…but she’s probably the single throatiest country singer I’ve ever heard. She sounds like she’s got a cricket perpetually stuck in her vocal track. Ad I love Tanya, I swear I do, because country music is (or should be, to some extent) about the imperfections of a singer, not how clean the vocal is. I mean, let’s face it – isn’t that one of your main complaints about the genre at the moment? Too polished? Too rock? Britt’s vocal on this song is really, really good, and it’s a major step up from her previous albums, both vocally and in ters of the writing (because this is a killer song). That’s just a fellow Belmont student’s view. :-)

  11. I am basically obsessed with this song. Most country songs I hate, but I love this one. She is extremely tallented. And to those of you who say she can’t pull off the song…I WANNA HEAR YOU DO BETTER! I know I can’t…I tried. Hehe, and I’m training to be a singer. I highly doubt you could. So yea. She is a tallented woman and I LOVE her songs especially this one. I can relate to it in many ways. (and no I’m not a drunk) I’m only 14. but yea I love it.

  12. Seems to me..the person who wrote this review has been prooven wrong. Catherine rocks and you’re just jealous.

  13. i really like the somg… it reminds me of what i did…. i love it!!!!! and yea…. i dont remember what i do sometimes.. so yea.. this song is awesome.. and i just love it…

  14. I started listening to this song.
    She has a great voice on this song.
    I love that voice. I wish all the songs had this sound.
    Totally unique. Love it.

  15. Update: Catherine won female vocalist of the year from the Country Music Association of Australia for this song! And the album it came from, released in Australia, was one of the top 5 albums nominated for album of the year. Catherine may not have made it in America, but she has a lot of fans here and is one of top artists in Australia. She is certainly my favourite female singer and has been for some time. One of the best voices and best songwriter’s out there, anywhere.

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