1. Very interesting clip. So what’s the real story of “Beer Run?” I remember going to a Keith Anderson concert over the summer and he told a very interesting story of how he wrote “Beer Run” and ultimately got it cut by Garth Brooks and George Jones. If I’m correct, the songwriter Todd Snider is referring to in the clip is Kent Blazy, who co-wrote “If Tomorrow Never Comes” with Garth Brooks. Blazy, Anderson, Tony Arata, Kim Williams, Amanda Williams and George Ducas, but not Todd Snider, are credited as co-writers of Brooks’ cut of “Beer Run.” Anyone have more information? Anyone heard Todd Snider’s version?

  2. Todd Snider has his own song, “Beer Run”, with the hook “B double E double R U N”, and the idea was “borrowed” by Blazy, according to Snider.. Other than the same hook, the songs are quite different. One of Snider’s mySpace pages has the song on it.

  3. All the aforementioned persons associated with Garth Brooks wish they were half the songwriter and wit that Todd Snider is.

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