Review: Rascal Flatts, “Stand”

Rascal Flatts, “Stand”

Take the most generic girl-power Jo Dee Messina anthem – not a good one, like “Bring On the Rain”, but one of those interchangable ones like “Not Goin’ Down” or “That’s the Way”. Remove all remaining charm and originality from the lyric, drain all life and energy from the production, and add the most pathetically wimpy lead vocal imaginable, and you have this single.

How can we be encouraged to stand up by a man who sings like he pees sitting down?

Grade: D

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  1. Speaking of Bucky Covington, did you guys notice that Mark Miller, from Sawyer Brown is producing his album? I enjoyed Sawyer Brown back in the ’90’s, but I thought they disappeared.

  2. Haha, funny review – I especially like the last line. I’m not a fan of RF’s, but this song is not terrible, now that I listen to it. I think they make good pop music sometimes, and other times bad pop music. Good thing I don’t listen to the radio when I’m at college, but I do gotta say this sounds better than their last single, “I Wish”. Now that the song is about to end, though, after radio plays it the first five times (probably all within an hour), I’ll get sick of it.

  3. If you look up the word “bland”” in your Funk & Wagnalls, you’ll see Rascal Flatts’ picture next to the definition. They are not terrible but they are not very interesting and they are not country either (I would class them as an acoustic “boy band” )


  4. All ya’ll are crazy this song is awesome. And Paul if you look up the word “bland” you would actually find Keith Urban’s picture next to it, he SUCKS!!!!!!

  5. omgh CAROLINA RAIN is so not good ewwww!!!!.Come on now there songs our boring. Rascal flatts have better written, fun, and uplifting songs.

  6. Anyone who says that this song is bad needs to go get checked for hearing problems. This is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard and it is not a “girl-power anthem.” It is for anyone who feels down. Gary LeVox has an amazing voice as always and for the record (this message is to Cory), if they have released so much poor material, how come they have 13 number 1 singles? If you don’t like them, turn off the radio or change the channel. Don’t become another useless music critic that nobody listens to and don’t wish their ending for the millions of fans that they have.

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