Review: Big & Rich, “Lost In This Moment”

Big & Rich, “Lost In This Moment”

This doesn’t sound like Big & Rich at all, as we’ve come to know them. John Rich is singing out front, there’s nothing off-beat going on. Just a killer mid-tempo wedding ballad. They just sound like a fantastic country duo. I’d be disappointed in how conventional this was if they didn’t knock it out of the ballpark anyway. I can see this becoming a huge hit.

Grade: B+

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  1. This is a good song but they don’t sound the same so I don’t know about it becoming a hit but maybe if it gets enough radio air play !

  2. I think this is a beautiful song with much deeper feelings, thoughts, and emotions few can relate to since it deals with the purest love of all “True Love” Even if it does not become number one on the charts it has scored in the top of my heart. I have tears in the corners of my eyes when I hear this song thinking about my father whom I lost and anyone else in my life whom I had to sacrifice to the man upstairs and thinking of the true love of my life it makes me smile to know we both feel the same feeling. Great song PERIOD.

  3. I don’t have much to say about this song other than It Rocks! Ok so it’s more of a ballad but still I love it, it’s definatley a different side of them, but I think that it’s a great direction for them, plus It’s their fastest rising single so far, so I hope It does well. A

  4. this song is absolutley amazing! yeah, it doesn’t sound much like big and rich, but hey, its a great sound for them. their voices blend to make a really romantic vibe. i’m definately gonna have this song played at my wedding. the lyrics are so meaningful and really express what true love is. awesome job guys!

  5. i am absolutely loving these lyrics, they are so amazing. my sister is gettin married and we are helping her with song choices and this is the one i want her to play!! im so excited. and i must agree with everyone else, this sounds nothing like big and rich! but thats ok because i love it anyways

  6. I LOVE IT!!! I think it shows a softer, more gentle side to them. Men are supposed to be tough, but when they let their guard down with cenitmental feeling that is expressed in this song, it is the sexiest thing EVER!!!

  7. It is SO different than the original Big & Rich. I didn’t expect something like this. Not one of my favorite ones but it has some good lyrics. The style of the song isn’t very good to me. I give it a B-

  8. Sounds like a woman singing with a very deep voice. i bet my husband that it was a woman singing. i lost. I can’t beleive he sounds like that!!!

  9. I’ve alway been a fan of B&R’s harmony. I never really got into this song because it sounds a bit too eighties to me. I love John Rich’s voice, though I don’t know that I would like him if I met him.

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