Review: Lance Miller, “She Really Loves Me”

Lance Miller, “She Really Loves Me”

First off, I love his voice. He’s got a John Conlee style with a twist of Haggard thrown in for good measure. Second, it’s a darn good song. Clever and corny in a way that only good country music can be both, he’s cautiously optimistic that his wife is giving him more time with his friends because she’s finally accepting him for who he is, but also suspects “I’m getting all this rope because she no longer gives a damn.”

Cool record. I want to hear more from him.

Grade: A-

Listen Now: She Really Loves Me


  1. I wasn’t aware he was one, but if he’s one of the “losers”, it’s interesting that him and fellow non-winner Lambert are both making more interesting and entertaining records than any of the actual winners have so far.

  2. I remember Brad Cotter. “I Meant To” was the single. Nice song, too heavy on the keyboard.

    The really bad Nashville Star winner I remember was the one who sang “I Break Things.” Not saying she didn’t have talent, but that song was horrendous.

  3. I remember Brad Cotter’s “I Meant To” and I never watched Nashville Star except for a a few episodes this season.

    Also, file Lance Miller under the “Guys Who Don’t Sound Like They Look” category. I totally wasn’t expecting him to sound like he did, but he’s got an interesting voice.

  4. Finally a refreshing “true” song that you can relate to after being married for 22 years, she even smiles when she hears this song, Great Job, I know you’ll go far w/music like this!!!

  5. I’m a DJ in TX. I just played Lance’s song for the first time and I LOVE IT!! I’ve got to find more of his music.
    On the “I Break Things Tune” Singer was Erica Jo and I thought the song was cool. Got alot of requests for it too. Maybe a just a chick tune though.

  6. I’m from good ole’ KY & I have to say he most definately sounds alot like John Conlee. I just recently heard his song for the first time & I love it!!! I just can’t understand why it doesn’t get played as much as it should. I guess because of the radio stations playing more of the newer country & he sounds alot like John Conlee. I think that it is a shame because that’s who made country music was G. JOnes, the Hag, Willie, Waylon, ETC, John Conlee etc

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