Country in a Blender

Few mainstream music publications are as inclusive of country music as Blender, an upstart music magazine that is refreshingly lacking in reverence but always demonstrates a wide sc I Want To Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend For Eternity ope of knowledge about country music. Feature stories that include country music have been covered here before, when the ‘zine named The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born and The Wussiest Songs & Artists of All-Time.

Here are some more recent Blender features that either included or emphasized country music:

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  1. Blender also had a cover story about Miranda Lambert in March, complete with a heart attack-inducing photo spread. Interesting publication that gives country its due.

  2. I read Blender – it is okay although I don’t think they give some of country’s subgenres a fair shake . They are okay on alt-country, pop country, bluegrass and country-rock, but fairly clueless when it comes to more traditional forms such as honky-tonk. Al lot of their lists are of the “smart-ass” variety. I’m not wild about Lee Greenwood, but he’s a better performer (and singer) than Faith Hill could ever dream of being. Similarly, “Acky-Breaky Heart” was an annoying song but it wouldn’t be on my list of 100 worst country songs, let alone an all-genres list.

    If the Eagles and their progeny are country (which I will deny to my dying breath) , then Blender gives country it’s due. If country is Lefty Frizzell and his followers then Blender does a pretty poor job of it

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