Review: Halfway to Hazard, “Daisy”

Halfway to Hazard, “Daisy”

I blame CMT for making me think this must have something to do with Dukes of Hazzard.

Anyway, the girl “loved the hell out of him.” Guess how? Took him to the river and baptized him, though I’m not sure if that was before or after she slept with him.

Then they get married, she dies giving childbirth and he names the daughter after her mother.

Sorry if I ruined the “surprise ending”, but you shouldn’t have to listen to four minutes of this claptrap, with its wanna-be rock guitars and the duo screaming the chorus instead of singing it. Guess that’s easier than writing a melody.

Grade: C

Listen: Daisy

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  1. Evidently you do not know country music as well as you seem to think you do!!! That’s the point, to exaggerate the human condition, thus making us empathize. If it were a song about a boring day at work or a delightful uneventful marriage, there would be no country song!!! All country music is contrite. That’s the form. The melody to this is enchanting and ethereal, and the singer’s voice is strong and fresh. You missed all that , didn’t you? Granted the issues explored are some that have been visited before, but there are only so many problems that can be written about. Some are worth a look again. Remember “Whiskey Lullaby”, the “claptrap song” about a man who drank himself to death because his wife cheated on him. Damn “claptrap” won Song of t he Year. But then, they didn’t know as much as you do. By the way, what songs have you written lately.?

  2. I totally diagree with the review. The vocals on this ballad are true and indicative of an artist who actually has a voice. There is no nasal twang just clear true talent. The song tells a story. Daisy is a cross of country and rock reminiscant of the 70’s groups Kansas and the Eagles.

  3. But at the end of the day, both the Disc of the Day and the DisCovery Award went to Halfway to Hazard, a new duo coming to you courtesy of the fine folks at Mercury Records.
    Songwriters Tolliver and Warrix are the Halfway to Hazard duo, so named because they hail from near that Eastern Kentucky town. Their disc debut is beyond excellent, a gripping story song with a terrific production, a fantastically cool guitar groove and super-expressive, soaring vocals. I hear stardom.
    Robrt K. Oermann

    Yeah he doesn’t know anything!

  4. Some reviewers and critics alike believe the ignorant public will only take them serious if they write negative “claptrap” about every song reviewed. After reading all reviews by this particular “critic” I am forced to agree that some reviewers think their jobs entail negative criticism. It’s too bad, but it’s true.
    It is also a shame that a talented duo such as Halfway to Hazard may fall prey to some who feel they are “too good” for country music, especially that generated by the mountains of HAZARD. The name comes from the group’s hometown. Yes, it is hard to believe, but that’s their hometown. Fitting. Give this group a listen. Their lyrics are honest without being melodramatic, and their guitar tracks are unassuming but powerful. Their truly a breath of fresh air, so to speak, in a time that country music is becoming stale. Listen, and you’ll see. All who do, except for the eliteist, will say, “move over Brooks and Dunn & Montgomery/ Gentry” the boys of Hazard are in town to stay!!!

  5. I just heard “Daisy” in South Florida. I done a search on the band and hit this review. I also disagree with the poor review. So would all the callers calling WKIS 99.9 asking who this band is. I’d certainly like to hear more from this duo.

  6. I also disagree with the poor review. I am a huge country music fan and this is true country music. Anything between “red high heels” to “honky tonk badonkadonk” have made it big on the country charts. I think “Daisy” has a hell of a chance.

  7. I too disagree with the review. The vocals as well as the music are true country at it’s finest. This group really has it’s act together and I can’t wait to hear it on every country music station around the globe. The only person screaming the chorus will be me in my car!!!

  8. I definitely disagree with the review. The vocals are certainly exceptional. It is so refreshing to hear such natural talent with the ability to put such meaning into the lyrics. Seems we have a breath of fresh air in this duo..I will be looking to hear anything they decide to sing. Take it to the limit H2H.

  9. This reviewer will be among the 1% who have anything less than praise for Daisy or any other H2H song. Nothing is gonna stop these guys. The review is laughable considering the exceptional talent of the duo who will undoubtedly become the best act in Country music in no time. The best part is, they’re even better live!

    And yeah, if you don’t like a little rock n roll, you won’t get it. My grandmother doesn’t either.

    As for the content of the song… are you kidding me? Do you listen to country music? A course in music history/appreciation might help.

  10. After reading the review and these comments back to the reviewer, I would wager a guess that if the he were to take another listen, he might just “get it!” He was wrong. Look at the other comments on this site. No other artist or group has generated so much feedback. Why? Because this band is PHENOMENAL! The leasd vocalist has a pure voice that I would love to hear in a slower tune, and the guitarist has feeling in every note he plays. Many of the artisits today are just clones of each other, this band is unique. To hear this for yourself, all u have to do is turn your radio on to any country station in the U.S.A. right now. H2H’S single has just now come out, and everyone is buzzing about them. They are all over the radio. Why? Because THEY are what WE WANT TO HEAR! All the reviews in the world, and H2H has too many glowing ones to mention, don’t mean a thing. It all comes down to the country music fans. WE are the ones that make stars, not reviewers. Hey, Kevin, the fans have spoken. WE LOVE DAISY!!!

  11. I don’t even know where to start to address the reveiw above. I can talk junk alot faster than I can type it so whoever wrote this please contact me please. I sing with these guys ya know and I wouldn’t be singing with them if they were’nt the real deal so lick it!!!

  12. Man this comment goes right along with the one I made for Lee Brice!!! Wake the F$%& up. You need to clean your ears or something. These guys are good friends with Lee and just as good a performers as well as songwriters. Chad is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard! The males at the top of the industry seriously need to watch out for H2H and Lee. If they don’t make it, it will be a crying shame!!!!!

    DAISY is a hit!

  13. Daisy is one heck of a song! It’s not even out for a whole week and already above 60 on the country charts. If you haven’t heard it, get ready for what could be the next song of the year. The lead vocals are sung by David T., and I have never heard a voice so perfect so for a song. I heard this live, and it was even better with 2 acoustic guitars 2 vocalists and that’s it! How many artists can say that!! These aren’t some studio technologically produced tracks. These guys are the “real deal!”

  14. My mom who lives in Florida called me and said I have to hear this song by Halfway something called “Daisy”. Alright- so I got on itunes and there it was/ by Halfway To Hazard. I downloaded it and my wife and I loved it. They must be new cause it was the only song they had to download or I would of spent a ton of money on what ever songs they had. The guitar and vocals were so damn cool not to mention the lyrics. Why would it get such a poor review by the guy/gal who wrote it up top. “Wanna be rock guitars and screaming vocals”- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I bet your lovin’ Jon Bon Jovi gettin’ into country. I just hope you don’t get paid to write these reviews cause it sounds like your jaded or somethin’. I know now if I want to find some fresh cool music just come here and read your reviews and if you say they’re bad then I know the songs must be great.

  15. I “love the hell outta” this group!!! Daisy is one of the best songs I’ve heard in forever! I too am looking for more from this group. Anyone know where I can buy, download (and pay of course) more ?

  16. DAISY is amazing;the first time I heard it it took my breath away…and the second and the hundreth. After reading this review by that “critic” I actually laughed out loud,because it’s honestly the first bad review I’ve seen. But it seemed so obvious to me that this particular reviewer isn’t qualified for the job…his musical instincts need honing!
    Listen up, buddy: ALL great musicians listen to and LEARN from others genres of music.You don’t create in a vaccuum;EVERY artist is influenced by those who came before.So, if H2H has some rock roots…um ,have you ever listened to Elvis? Ray Charles? The Eagles?? Lynyrd Skynrd ?The Allman Brothers??? OPEN YOUR EARS,OPEN YOUR MIND and SHUT YOUR MOUTH, before you embarass yourself any further.Are you a frustrated musician? Just because you couldn’t cut it, don’t knock those who can!!!

  17. Ok the song was good, not the end all song ever recorded. Yes it is beautifully sung, and the guitars are great, except for the chourus, for some reason I can’t seem to enjoy the chorus of this song. Also I read one of the comments that said this could be song of the year, don’t kid yourself it’s a good song but there’s no way that this is song of the year material.

    P.S. I’m not bashing H2H by saying it’s not worthy of song of the year, My favorite artist Terri Clark’s new song isn’t either, I just don’t see this song winning that award. I do however wish H2H the best of luck with this single.

  18. Yeah Terri Clark is good…Ha! These guys are cool, the song is cool and if people can’t see that, then they should go back to france!

  19. No other review on this website has gotten so much feedback than this one. What does it say to this “critic,” and I use the term loosely? “Daisy” is by far the freshest new song this year, unique but still “catchy” enough to keep you thinking about the chorus. And I LOVE the chorus. As far as what country music is about, it is different than any other genre because it celebrates moments in the life of common people. I love what T. Blanton wrote. She made the point that southern rock is so close to the new country of today that it doesn’t really matter what label the music has. Getting back to the song- it is an amzaing tune with a story that is believable, and I am sure lived by many common people out there. By the way, what does CMT have to do with the Dukes of Hazard anyway.?That comment didn’t make any sense to me.

  20. The reviews for Tim McGraw’s “Last Dollar” and Brad Paisley’s “Ticks” have both gotten a larger response than this one, though this is a pretty impressive backlash on behalf of a new artist, I must say. I still don’t like the song, but it’s always good to see an enthusiastic fan base for anything coming out of country music these days.

  21. What’s wrong with Terri? I didn’t say H2H were bad I just said that the song isn’t worth song of the year award, and that the chorus’ not really that great. I actually like H2H but this song Isn’t their best.

  22. For Kevin-
    On one of those days when I should have just gone back to bed, I was complaining to my husband about the probably 13th person that I was upset with that day. he turned to me and said, ” Maybe the whole world is not wrong and you right.” Kevin, I would repeat that to you. Maybe the job you are in is not the right one for you.
    Enough said

  23. This isn’t my job; it’s my side hobby. Regardless, I would counter that you are putting way too much stock in one review. I’ve written about so many different songs and artists over the past three years. I’m not going to question my abilities because a bunch of Halfway to Hazard fans have descended on the site to quibble over one little single review. Posting a negative review is bound to produce a bit of backlash; I appreciate the differing viewpoints that surface on the comment threads. Like I wrote in an earlier comment, it’s good for the genre for fans to be passionate about a new artist. “Daisy” doesn’t do much for me, but if it makes some other people happy, that’s great.

  24. Perhaps what most everyone is saying is that you were “over the top” in your criticism and have no basis for certain phrases like, “…you shouldn’t have to listen to four minutes of this ‘claptrap,’ with its wanna-be rock guitars, and the duo screaming the chorus instead of singing it.” When you make it “personal’ with your word choice instead of “professional,” you have no right to reject the comments of a”bunch of Halfway to Hazard fans.” It also appears to be more than a “bit” of a backlash! These are the same people that you write for, correct? Then you need to understand that these “fans” believe reviewing a song means constructive criticism, or at least words that do not seem like a personal attack of a group you know so little about that you assume their name came from a television series. In short, you must also take criticism if you are to make it your “hobby.”

  25. I’ll say it again, I welcome the comments of those who disagree with me and I appreciate them. If I wanted to “reject the comments”, I’d delete them, or not allow comments at all. I’ve also provided a link to hear the song and a link to buy it, so readers are free to make their own decisions and conclusions about the song (and a few have clicked through to buy it!) I’m happy you’ve commented on other threads as well. Feedback is always welcome!

  26. Perhaps the reason few have bought it is we’ve already got it from the Mercury website. Just an observation, “a little feedback.”

  27. Found this site again,accidentally,and was pleased to see fans still jumping to Daisy’s defense.I just hope that you all get to see them perform live and do some of their other songs;the whole album is so exceptional I can smell The Best New Artist award from here.
    To the person who liked my “critique of the critic”,thanks!
    I’m unfamiliar with his writing,but I do agree his attack DID seem personal,and not a very professional (i.e.:objective!) review.
    As for the whole name thing,”Halfway to Hazard” is actually a lyric from another song of theirs,titled “Cold”;in addition to being squirrel-spit away from where both David and Chad grew up. Also,if you get the chance to hear the extended version of Daisy ,the guitar really rocksat the end(but I guess that would upset The Critic,who prefers his guitars wimpy!)

  28. WHAT AN AMAZING SONG!!! Daisy is one of the best songs out there and obviously it shows because it is climbing the charts. Chad and David’s lyrics are very well written and tell a story that people can relate to. H2H is on the fast track to success and they deserve it because they have been singing their hearts out since we were kids!!! I think that before someone can consider themselves a “critic” and make judgements about a song and/or artist, they should be required to do WAY more research on the subject they intend on writing about. I have NO idea why he would be confused about the band having ANYTHING to do with The Dukes of Hazzard!! The “critic” may also want to check his spelling before he decides to compare bands to t.v shows/movies…….. hmmmmm….I’m thinking also along the lines of bitter musician who just didn’t make it!!!!!! DAISY WILL BE A HIT….JUST WAIT AND SEE!!

  29. I believe that the delusional fans of Halfway to Hazard may now include Radio and Records who have put the duo on their cover as well as the 15 newly added country radio stations who have now made them R&R’s most added. GO DELUSIONAL H2H FANS!!!!

  30. I checked R&R and saw small ads on the side, but feature articles are also on the front page. Didn’t have time to look for the specific article, but ,again, u are trying to be blatantly negative and personal by inferring H2H being on the page of R&R probably was an ad run by Mercury. I’m sure it is more than a ad, but i will ck to make sure before I make a statement to the effect. Before U make a trite, uninformed comment and end up with “eg all over your face,” how about doing research like a journalist of any medium should do, even if it is a “hobby.”

  31. R&R is a trade magazine for people in the music industry. It runs ads on the front page. It’s a way for a label to showcase a record that they’re strongly behind. Any negative connotation to that simple statement of fact is completely created in your own head. You’re errantly equating dislike of the single with contempt of the artist. Here’s a reality check for you: just because you care passionately about Halfway to Hazard, doesn’t mean I do. I think “Daisy” is a mediocre song, but I don’t really care what happens with it one way or another. If it’s a hit, good for them. If it’s not, better luck next time.

    There have been comments on this thread by six different people who all share your writing style and, more importantly, your exact IP address. So, Bev/sal/pj/Maianna/kARI J./Holland R., get a grip. All this thread is at this point is a bunch of H2H fans bitching about one bad review that’s three weeks old already. Nobody else cares.

  32. My, MY, My ..temper,temper,……….
    As for the same IP address, NOT that it’s any of your business, but I have roomates; I live in a house while I’m finishing my ed. and yes, I do allow them to use my computer, and yes, we do listen to the same music, and your point is????? As far as sharing the same writing style, it’s not even close! You are so far off base! It will provide a great laugh tonight when I share this with them. I am a MA in English working on my thesis for my doctorate. I do, however, have a minor in journalism. How about that. I’ve worked for 3 newspapers including the one that I write for now. It helps with the bills. So, that blows your hypothesis all to ____!
    I was content to remain quiet thru all the things said on this page and ALMOST, and I stress “ALMOST,” admired the way you kept your mouth shut and took the “backlash.” When you stooped to verbally antagonizing those who challenged your opinion,and vacated your stance as a “quasi-professional,” you proved what I thought at the beginning. Perhaps it’s time to retire.
    You’ve lost your objectivity. You have begun attacking personally. If you can’t take criticism, who do you think is going to take your criticism seriously. None of us “bill” ourselves as reviewists; therefore, we’re allowed to be judgemental, defensive, opinionated, and anything else we want. You, you gave that right up when you put your byline on this site. Check back on your review of The Wreckers. You wrote more to me than you did in their review. Maybe it’s time you concentrate a little more on your “hobby,” and stop attacking people who don’t see things the way you do.
    As far as whether or not you like”Daisy,” after the way I’ve seen you behave and read the rest of the reviews you’ve written, I am so grateful you don’t like it. That’s the best endorsement yet, even better than the glowing one from Oermann.

  33. I’m quite happy to stand behind everything I’ve written on this site, and I’m sure that you’ll stand behind what you have commented as well. Other readers can draw their own conclusions using their own judgment.

    As for your assessments on my motives and agenda, you keep living in a fantasy world. I don’t have any problem with people disagreeing with my judgments at all. If I did, I could just turn off the comments feature. I don’t do that because I think everyone has the right to speak their mind.

    You can wax sentimental about objectivity all you want, but reviews aren’t supposed to be objective. You’re still the only person who seems to care that I don’t like this song. None of my regular readers have taken any interest in this particular post. Sounds to me like you’re an obsessive fan run amok.

    For me, this back and forth has gone from amusing to just plain dull. I’m done. I won’t censor your comments, but I feel no need to continue a conversation with a rabid fan that has lost all connection with reality.

  34. Halfway to Hazard performed live on the Tim McGraw Country Cruise and according to Tim they are the hottest new group out there;that’s why thay are on his Soul to Soul Tour,and why he personally produced them…on the cruise, I heard comments from fellow musicians and legendary songwriters praising their talent(Chris Cagle, Neal Mcoy,Jamie O’Neal all raved about them. Don Shlitz(who wrote The Gambler)said their songwriting skills blew him away.He might know a thing or two…he has about 10 Grammys.
    If you don’t care for a song,that’s a matter of taste; I love Kris Kristofferson,but not neccessarily every song he’s ever written.I think the reason people got so annoyed with your review is because you literally said “you shouldn’t have to listen to this claptrap” and that that’s really ,really harsh!
    I can listen to an artist that I don’t care for and still appreciate his/her skill.
    And I can see what other people would find appealing about them ,even if I don’t. Case in point—I’m not a Celine Dion fan.,but I would NEVER say she can’t sing.She can sing very well,it’s just not to my taste. Had your review been more objective,it wouldn’t have upset people so much.
    This is a new band with a fresh style and a lot of other great songs—give them a chance.

    P.S. I do not know and do not live with Bev Miller!!!But I’m very glad she’s a fellow fan.

  35. Well, I said you shouldn’t have to listen to it, but provided a link if you wanted to. I think “claptrap” is pretty mild. I’ve said much harsher things than that about much more established artists. I’ve gone back to listen to the song a few times, and while it has a couple of catchy hooks in the verses, particularly the “wasn’t quite the truth” bit, the chorus still grates on me. It’s like they lose control of the song during the chorus sections of the song.

    I’m also not a big fan of contrived deaths in songs, which is the same problem I had with “Alyssa Lies” and Blake Shelton’s “The Baby.” It’s a cheap way to pull some emotional strings, and it’s been done to death in recent years. (Pardon the pun.)

    I actually like some of the other songs that the duo have featured on their mySpace page. “Cold”, which you mentioned in an earlier comment, is quite good. I just don’t care for “Daisy”.

  36. “…the hook just sneaks into your head, and it won’t go away. There’s something big about this act and this song.”
    -Gregg Swedberg

    “No halfway about it. This will be a full hit! Instand reaction!”
    -Joe Kelly, PD, WPUR/Atlantic City

    They create a buzz by just flat outplaying the competition –
    all four songs I’ve heard sound like hits.”
    -Bob Moody
    Two Men

  37. No, but he’s also posted comments using several different names under the same IP address. “Smart People” is also The Man, David, Micah, Jack and Chris. I’m sure it’s just another house full of people who live together but share the same computer, and just happen to have the same passion for H2H, right?

    I just can’t decide if using fake names to create a fan base for an artist that doesn’t exist is funny or sad. I guess it’s both.

  38. Idon’t know what your problem is, but if u want to talk about pathetic, maybe you should take a look at how much energy you are putting in to this. I thought you had had it with all this back and forth. You can’t even let a small comment go anymore. As far as creating a fan base, I think opening for Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill speaks for itself as far as fan base. How many more times are you going to attack H2H for no reason? Stick to your “hobby.” I am FINISHED.

  39. I’ve known David T for years now as he and I are both from the same small county in Southeastern Ky, in a little town called Hindman. Not that I can say we are good friends or anything like that but I always knew that he would go far as he has been performing since he was a child. Eventhough I am not a country fan, I know country when I hear it- and this is the real thing. Much better than some others I might casually hear on the radio or passing by CMT. Besides, you can’t get much more country than Southeastern Ky and the vocal and musical talent it produces.

  40. Kevin honey….Log off sweetie. Enough is Enough already. We get your point. Your not a fan of the song. Taste in music differs from person to person. If you were a true critic then you would let your first comment about the song stand. Good Luck to you though.

  41. I think as a blogger, it’s important to engage the readers and respond to comments both positive and negative. I do that on every thread, not just this one.

  42. you cant say anything bad about this song it is awsome no matter what you say
    i guess you have to listen to Country music to appreciate the song

  43. I checked out this band on myspace. I like them, I like the song and I will buy the CD.
    Daisy is a good song but I like Devil and the Cross better. I think they are a hit.

  44. I too ck’d out this band because of the fierce battle goin on here, and I must say they are great. I was impressed! I do like the song “Daisy” so much that i bought it from itunes. “The Devil and the Cross” is a fabulous song as well. I want to thank this reviewer for being SO WRONG that all these people came to the band’s defense. Made me curious. Any duo that sparks this much controversy is a hit already! Had to check them out for myself. I have found a new favorite group!

  45. One of the most powerful voices I’ve heard in years, and the harmony is rich and true. And while the lyrics are a little predictable, they’re still well written… everytime they hit the chorus I still get goosebumps.
    You have just been proven wrong.

  46. I love this song. I bought the cd and shared it with my buddies; every single one of them loved it. I can’t wait for their next track!

    About all the back and forth: I know that we all are entitled to our oppinions but what is the point in arguing so much? Yall are obviously not going to change your point of view and there is no sense in the continuous back and forth. Just my oppinion. It is good to see that people are still aware that they have the right to voice their oppinion, now if only we get more people to do so about our governmental leaders. Thanks for listening!

  47. “Wanna-be rock gituars,” have you seen these guys live???? Chad is a rockstar!! I must admit I know these guys and have for a very long time. But know them or not, the fact is…..they are good. I find it refreshing to see guys who are naturally talented out there doing what they love to do. When I say natural I mean these guys don’t have to “work at it” or pretend to be something their not. And the fact they have the abiltiy to wirte their own music puts them in another league. Good reviews or bad reviews this is only the begining for H2H! The best is yet to come. It’s been a long time watin’!

    Scream on guys, scream on!!!

  48. It is sad to think there are people out there that are so typed they dont get it. Probably would dis the likes of the Eagles or Marshall Tucker for their dance between rock and country. This group is refreshing rockabilly to balence the Rascal Flatts era.

  49. I love this song because i have a baby sister named daisy and her daddy is in prison but he held her twice in her whole life but she is only 9mths. old so yeah but David her dad loves her so much yet so and he is not my dad but i love the hell outa him and the first time i ever heard this song i cryedand then i made my mom listen to it and she cryed so we were both listening to the song crying and my sister Daisy Mae hasblue eyes and blonde hair and the most beautyful baby that i have ever seen in my life and i love the hell outa her and i kno that she loves me mommy and her daddy and john our brother but she cant say it yet but i kno that she is saying it and she cant walk yet but she is a damn fast crawler but DAISY MAE “I LOVE THE HELL OUTE YOU”

    Love ya always

  50. I’m a big music buff and I strongly disagree with the bad review! I love “Daisy” I am looking forward to hearing more from this duo and waiting on the release of the cd!! I think this duo has more potential than some of the one hit wonders that we see coming into country music today! Rock on H2H!!

  51. i think you suc__ I think they are great and love the song so suck a big dik as wipe the new wave added to a country rythm is cool

  52. Hey I’m from Hazard and I just heard the song. Sounds better than anything Mellincamp has done in 25 years. GO H2H I’ll look for your album, if my niece Trena doesn’t send it to me. Then will have to look for the second and third. :)

  53. oh my gahdd . i looovee the song daisy ! whats youur problem man ? its soooo sweet !!! andd just because youu dont like a song doesnt mean youu can go off andd talk crap about it, my gahd, leave the nasty remarks to youurself .

  54. I think all art ought to be appriciated. Music is art. I am a lover of the arts. I have no real genre of music that becomes me more than another. . .however, I was recently at the B 93.7 Birthday Bash in Ionia, MI on Saturday June 23, 07. . .I saw “Halfway to Hazard” perform for 75,000 people. . .and I think every last one of them had a piece of their soul in that preformance. Every time I see a group like them preform a piece that takes the risk of potentially being misunderstood for it’s depth and genuine country soul, for being whiney and twangy. . . I develop a deeper sense of admiration and adoration for them.

    Sweet daisy. . . is a beautiful song.

    I can only hope that in the heart of those in my past beats the emotion that carries into this song.

    I think everyone can reach into their soul and find some experiance to relate to all music. . .for some it takes a certain message to get through. . .

    My love to the members of Halfway to Hazzard. . .and all those (especially in the audience at BASH 2007) for being a part of a movement of people who LOVE THE HELL OUTTA the true soul of REAL WELL PLAYED country songs.


  55. Fory and Kate,
    You both make me proud to say I love country music because you “get it”! That’s not to say all the other forms don’t have well deserved followings, it’s just refreshing to know that so many others appreciate this duo. And yes, when you hear them live, you will really know what true talent is. It’s not made in a studio; it’s the music and the energy that comes from the artist as he/she interacts with the audience. H2H is phenomenal live. I hope everyone has a chance to see them live really soon as they tour with Tim and Faith. Their full CD comes out Aug. 14.

  56. This group has it all. I haven’t heard vocals this strong in years! I’m waiting anxiously for their CD. Give me more!!

  57. I love the melody to the song, I also love the story. I went to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert on July 11 with my two daughters, and Halfway 2 Hazard performed on a stage in the parking lot. It was awsome to see them in such a intimate performace. After Chad and David were done with their souncheck they took a minute and posed for a picture with my girls. I got the pictures back and that picture is the best one out of all of the ones from the concert. I think they are awsome guys, they didn’t just stand next to my girls they got down on their level.

  58. guess the guy missed the point, didn’t he? Country music is supposed to start a story, and this song definitely does just that. I look forward to many more tunes from this duo, and l love this song!!!!!!!!

  59. Whoever did this review needs to stay away from country and stick with their crap. This is one of the best country songs I have ever heard. I sure wouldnt want you to give any reviews for me.
    Halfway to hazzard gets 5 stars from me.

  60. H2H has released its first complete CD instores now!! They have sold out in my city, as well as neighboring towns. Target, Wal-Mart, etc. all have it if u can find it. Best bet is to order from Amazon. It is PHENOMENAL!!!! U will NOT be disappointed!

  61. I’m excited somebody finally wrote a song about me! I kinda liked it… and couldn’t find a damn radio station anywhere in Waco that new it but ironically had played it. So Kudos to the H2H, every new group is going to have the ugly critics… you just can’t… Like me, not everyone likes me but I’m a great person! Right?! Toodles… ya’ll have a hell of a Hump Day!

  62. Oh and just an FYI, I think its commendable that Kevin, you present yourself with out the vulgarities that some critics stoop to… there’s a thread on the about the Duggar family and thier 16 kids… you want to hear a harsh critic… I didn’t know whether to be humored by what I took as intent to ryle extreme human emotion for the cause of controversy or to be offended that a human could actually think this way. So, Kevin, in comparison although I know you’ve been more critical to other groups I find you mild and much more presentable… I don’t recall ever reading that these guys were polled as favorite failures, but opinions are just that… and not everyone has to agree… but I don’t feel it’s fair to you or anyone else to be bashed based upon thier opinion and I feel like continued conversations over the same repetitive topics is a null, void, dead end, monotany (sp?) (I’m not a English major). Say your peice and let it rest….

  63. Does anybody want to stop bashing the original post and comment on the meaning of the chorus (??), in particular, is baptism a sexual reference, and if not, why the seemingly disconnected religious zeal (I know they kissed in church, but just because they attended church doesn’t imply anything.)

  64. I think this review sucks!!!! Daisy is an exceptionally well written snog. it gives two mmeanings to “she loved the hell out of me”. One being she met him in church and baptized him, thus loved the HELL out of him, second, she loved him sooooo much, she loved the hell out of him. Beautiful.

  65. I AM IN SHOCK THAT ANYONE IN THE WORLD WOULD NOT LIKE “DAISY”!!! omg!!! Turn up your hearing aide!!!
    David and Chad are INCREDIBLE musicians! Their voices are so pure!!! How often do you see a debut album released that is full of hits???? You just have to listen to EVERY ONE OF THE TRACKS!!!
    Chad’s range is AMAZING and David’s vocals are top notch!!!! If you think the CD is “ok”………….go and see them live!!!! I promise you…………you’ll be COUNTRIFIED too!!!!
    Hell, I’m flying from Texas to California to see them in December!!!! I wouldn’t fly to California to see just ANYONE !!!!!!!!
    So………………..clean out your ears mister!!! You need some better taste in Music!

  66. WOW ………… sounds like someone with a lil’ jealousy problem making a statement here !

    IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW…. not every country song needs to be what you think it should be! There are those of us whom, do prefer both traditional and ROCKING country…. Its nothing new, and WE LIKE IT< WE LOVE IT < WE WANT MORE OF IT!

    First time I was pleasured enought o see Hazard perform, I was BLOWN away.. not only by their performance….. but their CLASS and humility…. maybe you should start taking notes !

  67. Wow, this was a looooong comment thread!

    I know that the discussion is long done, but I just want to say that I listened Daisy, and I think that Kevin pulled his punches a little in this review. He forgot to mention that this derivative and formulaic song which received such vaunted praise in the threads, barely charted

    “Their debut single, “Daisy,” achieved minimal chart success, briefly entering the US country top 40.”

  68. I STRONGLY disagree with this review!! I have NEVER been so obsessed with a song!! I don’t consider myself a country music fan-I can listen to just about anything, I judge a song by how it makes me feel, forget preset stations on my car radio, I just hit the scan button and stop it when I hear something I like. On a long ride home from up-north I was lucky enough to catch Daisy. I had never heard it before, didn’t know who it was by, all I knew was that begining to end I LOVED it!! The lyrics, the vocals, the music, and especially the ….wait for it…. final chorus. I counted the days until the CD was released, and then that CD was all I listened to for a month straight. The whole CD is awesome, These 2 guys HAVE IT ALL. It is no wonder that Tim McGraw wanted in on this duo. I look forward to many more albums from H2H!!!!

  69. whoever wrote this is a dumbass. this is a song full of talent. they must not know country music very well. you suck. i hate you. this is one of the most heartfelt, best written songs in all time. it has double meanings everywhere, maybe you didnt listen to it long enough to capture them. stupid.

  70. Everyone knows that the best way for a person to make their point is to say that they “hate” someone and accuse them of being “stupid” and a “dumbass.”

  71. Charlie, In case you”re new to this “music” thing, this duo is indeed new itself. It is phenomenal that a duo’s first effort even charts. Do u know how many don’t? Their full length CD debuted at #14 on the Billboard COuntry Charts, so your comment about where the song “Daisy” was on this same form of measurment is beside the point. In case you haven’t been near a television or newspaper or radio lately, H2H was just nominated for Top Country Vocal Duo with Brooks & Dunn, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, & Big and Rich. How’s that for being “formulaic” and “derivative,” which you, by the way, used incorrectly in your sentence.

  72. PS. You even used “vaunted” wrong. Next time you pull your Thesaurus out, try to understand the way the “big words” are suppose to be used before you type them in a sentence.

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