Review: Trace Adkins, “I Wanna Feel Something”

Trace Adkins, “I Wanna Feel Something”

A compelling single that explores struggling with cynicism as you age.    Adkins turns in one of his strongest performances to date.   If you prefer “I’m Tryin'” to “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”, this is the record you’ve been waiting for.    It’s always nice to hear country music by adults and for adults.

Grade: A-

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  1. Yeah I’m one of the people who like I’m Tryin’ better than HTBD. The problem with Trace is people tend to forget that behind his party songs, there’s the deep emotional stuff. This is one of them, and if you want further proof of more check out the previously mentioned I’m tryin’ or Arlington. When I bought Dangerous Man I only bought it because I liked his other ablums not because I liked Swing (Biggest mistake of Trace’s career). Excluding Swing and the remixed HTBD, the album is one of my favorites from 2006, I Wanna Feel Something was one of the stand out tracks and I hope that It succeeds on the radio, because it will show that Trace can sing a meaningful song.

  2. Trace’s albums have always been very schizophrenic. The difference is that lately it seems like only the silly songs have been getting released to radio.

  3. He is the disgrace of country music. So much potential, a great country voice but instead of wearing it as a badge of honor for country, he SELLOUTS with his stupid novelity songs and that disgrace of a butt song. What a sellout.

  4. I agree w/Jennifer. And, these comments should be about THIS song…”I wanna feel something.” This is an excellent, heart-felt song that probably fits a lot of ppl that listen to country music. A beautiful composition if I’ve ever heard one!!!

  5. sorry for those who disagree. the new song “i wanna feel something” is the best thing i have seen out in 07 by anyone.

  6. I’m surprised that ‘I Wanna Feel Something’ was actually chosen to be released as a single! Usually my favorites are the ones left unreleased. To some degree I agree with Jordan, this CD is one of his best (next in line would have to be Coming on Strong…which BTW, his best work from that CD was never released either). Although I like HTBD, I prefer the original (from Songs About Me) as opposed to the remix. There are so many tracks on this CD that are lyrically superb (I Came Here to Live, Stubborn One, Words Get in the Way, Ain’t No Woman Like You, not to mention the title track; Dangerous Man) but, for whatever reason, I’m guessing they won’t be released for radio play. Jordan, I have tell you…I didn’t much care for Swing either until I saw him sing it in concert. Although it’s not a very good song for radio or video….it’s great when preformed live!

  7. This song isn’t bad, but honestly, it’s very generic, and it’s obviously been churned out of the Nashville song factory. It’s not like the song sucks, but it is manufactured, sterile and inorganic. I could see somebody like Josh Gracin or even Rascal Flatts cutting this song.

    Maybe Trace is feeling empty inside because he sold his soul to the devil and sold out his real fans for a few extra dollars in his pocket. Those two rap songs (Swing and Badonkadonk) are truly a disgrace, and it’ll be hard for me to respect him ever again the way I once did.

  8. I think I would be afraid to be the woman in this song. To me, this song goes through a bunch of stuff that does not touch his emotions and then askes for intimacy. I think that’s a bit an unfortunate situation for a woman to find herself in. I understand what this song is trying to do though and who can’t relate?

  9. All you cynical pricks out there who wouldn’t know a good song if it bit you in the ass need to just get a life…this is one hell of a song written by an artist who is still coming into his own. The lyrics are pure and heartfelt and if you don’t relate just leave the comments to those of us who do relate.

    Go troll National Enquirer forums or something.

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