Jack Ingram, “Measure of a Man”

Jack Ingram, “Measure of a Man”

A well-written story about a man who leaves home young because of a volatile relationship with his father, but reaches out to fix things with him when he becomes a father of his own.   Songs like this often cast the son as the prodigal kind, who rejects the traditional, small-town values of his family but returns to them after getting burned in the real world.   Ingram’s song is much more realistic, and believable because of it.   The father really wasn’t as good as he should’ve been to his son, but the son has also let pride get in the way of restoring the relationship.    In other words, it sounds like something that actually might have happened in real life.

Grade: A-

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  1. I’ve hated Jack Ingram’s voice, sound, and look for quite a while, but this has a kind of Chris Knight feel. I like it keep doing this stuff Jack instead of stupid songs like “love you” or cheap awful country versions of good rock songs

  2. I think he is trying so hard to imitate Keith Urban……especially in his looks! His voice is not that good to me. Have you ever seen him sing in person…..the expressions he makes are horrifying!

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