Travis Tritt, “You Never Take Me Dancing”

Travis Tritt, “You Never Take Me Dancing”

Good Lord, this is good. I’ve always thought Tritt was trying too hard when he did the southern rock thing, but with age, he’s really grown into the style. This sounds like a Joe Cocker record. I don’t think he’s ever sounded so soulful. He’s taking the independence he has now and he’s running with it, a perfect example of how an artist can be completely liberated once they leave the major label world. I’m not even sure I’d classify this as a country record, but I want to hear the rest of the project, and I don’t think a lead single from a Travis Tritt project has made me feel that way since “Lord Have Mercy on the Working Man” back in the early nineties.

Grade: A-

Listen: You Never Take Me Dancing

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  1. Didn’t Randy “Yo, dawg, that was pitchy” Jackson produce this? Because the scratch guitar and the slap bass sound dead-on the style he used to produce Nikka Costa.

    On first listen, I’d say this single is more “interesting” than “good,” but it could be something of a grower.

  2. Richard Marx has a more rock version on his Flesh & Bone CD. Richard officially recorded it back in the 90’s and it’s kind of a cult song in his live shows as only the diehards know it.He helped Travis produce it for his new CD and even though I don’t mind Travis’s version, Richard still holds the cake!

  3. I’m a diehard that knows this song inside and out and love to watch Richard Marx sing it and dance it.

    This song has a history for us diehards. It’s not going to be easy hearing anyone else sing the song. After listening to it, I have to give Travis props for recording the song, but I don’t see myself buying his CD for the song.

  4. When I first heard that Travis was doing a cover of Take Me Dancing, written and recorded by Richard Marx, I thought “what”? I gave the song a listen and although it is “ok” No one can do this song justice like Richard can. But I give Travis kuddos for attempting it.

  5. Richard did a great job producing it, but I love it when he does it live. When you love an artist, like Richard, and someone else does his song, and it doesn’t sound the same, it takes getting used to. It seems to be a big hit so far, so that’s great.

  6. I think this version is awesome! travis tritt’s strong vocals and soulful turn on this song makes it his own. im really excited to hear the entire cd.

  7. I love it!!! I can’t wait to hear the whole CD!!! I am a hardcore T.T. fan and i have been waiting not so patiently for this! Thanks for the listen!

  8. I’ve always really liked Travis Tritt, but man his cover of “You Never Take Me Dancin” doesn’t even come close to being as good as the Richard Marx version. Those backup singers make it sound so cheesy. If you Tritt fans like this song go find the original Richard Marx version on his “Flesh and Bone” album. You’ll be happy you did.

  9. I think that we shouldn’t be comparing the two. I have found that most times
    no one who covers a song does it quite as well as the original artist.
    I am a big Travis fan and I do like the song alot.
    Not sure that radio will give it play time.

  10. Travis has got his groove on, and he is the best out there! Look ahead for brillant bluesy, soulful work! Just like fine wine he keeps getting better with age.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!THE STORMS A COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya “T”,
    Laura Keeton aka:travistritttrue

  11. True Tritt Fan! Indiana is ready for some more TRITT! Come on WFMS (95.5) start playing more Tritt and we will start listening again!

  12. Did you ever hear Travis’ version of Skynyrd’s “Don’t Ask Me No Questions”??? His version ROCKS!!! I have to disagree with you about artists never doing cover songs better than the original.

  13. You’ve got to be kidding ….Richard Marx / Travis Tritt ….There is no comparison
    Two totally diffrent genres of music / singers , but if you must compare……..

    TRAVIS ,hands down takes the cake ………

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the CD ……

    I agree with ,”Travis is getting BETTER with age” :) , wish we all did!

  14. well, i listened to it, and its good.. unfortunately, im not a die hard richard marx fan so i don’t know the original cover, but I enjoyed it none the less. Travis happened to come by our little city here in Nova Scotia once or twice and has always put on a great show. Im glad to see that he’s still got the music coming out of him. My fav song of his is still his cover of the Eagles “Take it Easy” and in MY opinion, he did it better than them. Keep up the good work TT.

  15. As a forever fan of Travis I say he Rocks the song. When an artist does a cover of a song it’s not supposed to sound just like the original. Travis adds his sexy growl to the song, and with Wendell and the band backing him up it’s simply awesome!

  16. I am personally a fan of Richard Marx, and know the song inside out and love the original version. I can’t diss Travis Tritt for wanting to put his spin on it, however, it would have been cool for TT to give RM props for the song and include him in the video…

  17. Wow, I still can’t believe Travis Tritt would release this. I’ve been a big fan of Travis for a long time, but this is nowhere near what I expected from him. I really dislike the song, but it’s hard to dislike a song by Travis…

  18. Duckfan, in response to your disapointment, I feel it a bit to. I think the change came from Randy Jackson’s production of the album. Despite this Travis still showshis classical side on the album, but the faster songs are pretty strange for his typical sound.

  19. You bastard dissing on TT are up to your ear lobes in bullshit. He’s an excellent artist as well as Richard Marx. Two different sounds. Give them both credit.

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