Sarah Johns, “The One in the Middle”

Sarah Johns, “The One in the Middle”

Too long, too drawn out and not nearly clever enough to sustain an entire song. Johns has a nice, twangy voice that is being wasted on this futile attempt at an attitude record. Then there are the back-up singers doing a “Wa Wa Wa Wow” throughout the damn thing that may be the most gratuitous add-on I’ve ever heard on a country record. I look forward to hearing more from Johns, as it’s refreshing to hear a new female voice that sounds authentically country being launched by a major label. I just don’t like this particular song. Find her something that Patty Loveless would’ve recorded in her early Epic days and she’ll be good to go.

Grade: C

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  1. I personally like the song.

    But I must say that even though Patty’s stuff was good and still is I don’t think giving that music to Johns will make a difference in anything. Not that she couldn’t pull it off, its just that with the new faces of country music introducing their new styles material remanicent of the older ALan Jackson, Clint Black, George Strait, Patti Lovelace, Dolly Parton music probably wouldn’t go over to well without either a touching subject. The music would be good, but popularity would probably take a hit. Maybe a more modern touch on a Patty Lovelace worthy song would make it more enjoyable.

    Personally I think this song is really cool, but the back up singers are really corny and over used. They spoil the song for me.

  2. Personally, I agree. The song is a really good song. It’s not one of those songs where I thought, Oh no, it’s another person trying to be country. Really good. The back up singers were ok. They were good at first but did start to get old but it was ORIGINAL, which for the most part, takes the cake for me.

  3. I loved this song. I heard it for the first time today and couldn’t wait to get home to download it to my ipod. Of course i-tunes doesn’t have it yet. This song had me laughing and singing along. I think it’s FUN!

  4. I think the song is a hoot. I will actually be seeing her in person at our local Country Radio Station Thursday. I am hoping the rest of her music is just as good as “The One in the Middle”

  5. I love the song. Sure, the background singers get annoying after awhile, but the song is freaking awesome. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

  6. Heard her today in person at 103.5 in Tampa. She is just as sweet as she is cute. A REAL country girl. She writes her own songs and the other 3 we heard were good too. I think “The One in the Middle” will catch on real fast and be a huge success for her. I sure enjoyed hearing it in person, up front and personal, just a handful of people.

  7. I actually heard this for the first time on XM Radio when I was back in CA, and I really liked it a lot. Her voice reminded me somewhat of Rebecca Lynn Howard’s and I like the traditional mized with contemporary sound it has. At first, I thought the background vocals messed up the song, but I got used to it with further listenings of the song, and now, I love the song. I don’t think it will be a big hit because of the lyrics and today’s country audience and because she’s not one of the “it” females of today’s radio. I will buy the song if it comes on iTunes!

  8. This song is great. I think the back up singers are an intended important part of the song and lend to the overall fun mood. Tell me this song won’t stick in your head when you hear it once!! Sarah’s voice is a wonderful example of country talent and i think she has all the makings of a new star. As for being offensive, you’ve GOT to be kidding!! It’s purely a fun song. There’s a lot of stuff on radio more offensive or downright repulsive. Awesome song Sarah!

  9. Oh my God I totally LOVE this song!!! It was the perfect song to send to my cheatin husband who just so happens to be with a Skank, if it didn’t just lift my spirits and give me a good laugh, and a little girl power! What better way to tell some one to F-off like a double slam of the “One In The Middle” haha

  10. I agree totally LOVE LOVE This song. If only came out aobut 5 years when I had the cheating husband. Shannon I hope you didn’t marry him… :) Seriously, ITUNES get with the program! I want this too. Maybe I’ll send my ex an anonymous CD with this song…. HAHAHAHA

    Keep up the great work Sarah, can’t wait for the album!!

  11. I agree with everyone else…This song is great!!! Every girl would love to sing this to some guy at some point in there life! Finally someone besides Carrie Underwood has put out a great revenge song!! Absolutely love the song, lyrics, and her voice!! This song deserves an A+!!! Can’t wait for more from her!

  12. first of all, her name is JOHNS, not JONES… get it right before you critsize… and this song is GREAT!! I love it, it is fun and fresh and she’s got a great voice!! Lay off.

  13. this song was awsome, cant tell you how many times i have felt like saying that. and to those who critisize, what expirience have you had? if you have had a lot of expirience then i respect what you have to say, but if your critisizing just to critisize, stop!

  14. This song is stupid and annoying ! When i hear that ba donga a dong a dong a dong.. i want to turn it as fast as I can. Ive heard she is a rude person too and is demanding. That won’t last and I don’t think she will either.

  15. I am a personal friend of Sarahs…grew up with her and to the person who said she was rude and demanding, you couldn’t be more from the truth. Sarah is one of those people who will stop on the street and talk to anyone. There wasn’t one person in school who didn’t like her and she never thought she was better than anyone. You can judge her music, but if you don’t have first hand experience meeting Sarah, don’t post the stuff you have “heard” about her. Its all just silly rumors. And if you don’t like this song, Im sure you will love the other ones on the CD b/c they are completely different.

  16. I think the background vocals are a part of the mood of the song….I think they’re cool…..I’ve met the Kentucky born country girl, and she is so sweet….If you heard otherwise, you heard wrong…..i’m giving you the one in the middle…..She’s the new Loretta Lynn…..This song is gonna be huge.

  17. This is what Country music needed……A real country girl……I like her & the back up singers…..You go girl

  18. I am confused. I knew Sarah growing up and know she lived no where near Pollard, let alone near a “hollar” as other sites have posted. She graduated from a private high school-not in Pollard mind you. I wonder how much is amped up for her to seem “country” when in reality, she isn’t. She was a sweet girl and truley wish her all the best! I just wish that she could be the real Sarah and not a fabricated version! Congrats Sarah!!

  19. Where she grew up & where she graduated, are two different things……I’ve been to the house in Pollard, I eat her southern cooking, I hang out with her backwoods friends, I wrote almost all of the songs on the CD with her & I just got with Sarah from partying all weekend on the river…..I’m her boyfriend, Jason……Before you start challenging her integrity & authenticity, maybe you should sign your name, instead of anonymous……Let’s see how much you really know about Sarah

  20. Before I lash out, maybe I should pay better attention to what I’m writing……I meant, I just got back from partying all weekend on the river with Sarah……I’m not trying to be mean, I just want to make sure that Sarah’s not being misrepresented

  21. I am 55 and want this child to know I had a very rough life. This is the best song I have heard in a long time. It really speaks for allot of women in this world. Good luck and many more hits for you.

  22. Ok, for the comments about Sarah and Pollard, KY. Sarah actually went to highschool in Nicholasville, Ky which is right next to Pollard. She grew up in Pollard. And not sure where the private highschool thing came from b/c I went to highschool with her and it was not private. So, sounds like some things are being made up. As far as the comment about Sarah saying shes single, I can’t validate that comment but does it really matter? Focus on her songs and voice. Maybe she wants to keep her private life just that. My God, the girl can’t get a CD out first without all of the rumors. Lets not be jealous of her sucess. And yes, she is a REAL country girl.

  23. O.k. , I wish Sarah the best in her career. I am from Nicholasville, and went to school with Sarah. I really don’t care about any of this but, I lived on Pollard right off elm fork.
    and sarah grew up in a nice subdivision Caroline LN. She also went to Lex. Christian Acadamy a private school. She is a great singer period . However, this hills of eastern Kentucky backstory is not true. Jason I’m not sure where you are from but it’s not here.

  24. OMG Derrick. Let it go. The girl can’t even get her albulm out yet before people are picking at her. Yes she lived on Caroline Lane AFTER she grew up in Pollard. OK so the story doesn’t say she lived in Pollard from birth-25 years old. So, what is your point really?…and if your from Nicholasville, Ky which is where she went to HS, your COUNTRY too. Hell, anyone who lives in Kentucky is freakin country. The town has 1 Walmart and a population of like 10,000, 9,000 of which are all related.

    Bottom line, lets just let Sarah get what she deserves and focus on her voice, personality, and the fact that shes HOTHOTHOT no matter what you or anyone else says.

  25. Sounds like a lot of catty jealousy out there. This is a beautiful girl with a tremendous amount of tallent. She is a sincere country gal who works very hard at her career. Can you guys just wish her well in her career endeavors? It’s extremely hard work. And if you don’t like the particular song she’s released, just change the station and listen to rap or hip hop or whatever you happen to like that is not offensive to you. Her album will be huge and it won’t matter if she’s from Pollard or five miles away from Pollard or if she went to a Christian school or a public school. She will be one of the hottest personalities to hit coundty music in a long time. All the best to you Sarah!!!

  26. I think this song is AWESOME!!! There are plenty of things that she says in this song that I’ve felt recently after a long drawn out relationship that ended quite badly. This song makes me feel so much better everytime I listen to it, not to mention puts a smile on my face. She’s making it in the country music world, which I wish I could say someday. Let her live her life and have fun with what she’s doing. She’ll make her own sound, she doesn’t need to follow a Patty Loveless type. Dear Lord! I have to say I fully agree with Kathy above me when I say, if you don’t like the song, turn the damn thing off, but don’t say it’s a bad song. As for it being too long and drawn out, you’re an idiot! This song is amazing and funny. I don’t know a single person that has listened to this song with me and not laughed or asked where can they buy it on iTunes. God, just stop being pretentious for one minute and enjoy life. Good luck to you Sarah!!!! I love this song and can’t wait to hear what else you have in store for us!!

  27. Sarah has alot of talent, but I think whoever at BNA released this song is an idiot. The song is hardly average and cheesy. Upbeat songs with catchy lyrics are hot in country right now, but this song is just too stupid. Find a decent song for this girl an get her off the bottom of the roster at BNA. She’s got alot more talent than most everybody on the label. Give her a chance. This song won’t break the top 20. Find a song that will make some noise you idiots and let her get big!

  28. Okay, lets lay off the personal life and delve in to the music. This song is catchy and funny and I think a lot of people will enjoy and relate to it. BUT, for sakes, can we get some one who can actually mix a track. This is quite possibly the worst mix that I have ever heard be let out on radio. It sounds cheesy, someone is trying to make her voice sound way too rough. She needs to be toned down. And can we talk about the half time. Can we even call that a half time? Did any musician there know what they were doing? Try and defend her dignity all you want but the track is a mess.

  29. To all 44 of you before me.
    How much have you made this year compared to what she will make off this one song?
    How many of you like all the songs any artist sings on any CD you buy.
    Get off her back and get a life. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and if there is something you don’t like about her, don’t listen to her. Simple as that!!!!!!!
    Good luck Sarah and prove them wrong.

  30. Let me tell you silly people who keep talking about how cheesy the track is or how someone is trying to make her voice sound too rough,……..just keep on talking b/c everytime you go on here and say SOMETHING, your keeping her song popular and thats what she wanted. Id like to see some of you mix a track. And if her voice sounded like every other female country singer out there, we wouldn’t need her. Shes a real country girl, with a real country voice, and a real country welcoming attitude. Lets keep the conversation rolling so we can get her to the top of the charts!!!!

  31. Listen People this is a site where people can voice their opinons of songs they like and dislike. DEAL WITH IT. Kevin lets everybody voice there opinion good or bad. Don’t read the post if you don’t like negative comments cause that’s about 50% of the post on here. So, for all you that don’t like the negative post about this song tell us why you like it and give us your reason.

  32. It is so easy to make a track sound good with protools that a 5 year old could do it. And about her “rough” voice. She already has a powerful voice, she doesn’t need to be amped up. Sonically this track is out of wack and displeasing.

  33. I haven’t laughed so hard at a song in a long time. My husband and I hard this the first time coming home from camping and were laughing til I had tears. I love the whole thing. It’s a great song and I think it was meant to be a little corny, the backup singers add to that. She reminds me a lot of Teri Clark with the attitude.

  34. This song is great. And Sarah Johns is going to be a huge hit when her album drops. Can’t wait to hear more from her. She is the first artist in country history to Flip a man off tactfully!

  35. If you can sing about “ticks”…you can sing about middle fingers and attitude. my listeners love it and I cover 3 states…good luck Sarah Johns, send us some more down home country music…why can’t we all support Kentucky artists ?Heck…dirt floors and hollars , walking 10 miles up hill BOTH WAYS to skool, sorry school…marketing is marketing and myth is myth ,you are either poor in Kentucky or a coalminers daughter , and that gig has been taken all the way to the Hall Of Fame. Bottomline , the girl can sing a country song…I’d like to hear the rest of the CD.

  36. This girl is going to go to the top of the charts without a doubt. She has a geniune country voice and a great attitude; not to mention she is beautiful. Look out Faith Hill, you might just not be the most beautiful woman in country anymore!

  37. I can’t wait to buy her albulm. For the first time in a while,….a real country voice. The song is great and she will without a doubt hit #1. Good luck Sarah, you are on your way.

  38. I first heard this song on our local WYCD 99.5 station in Detroit, MI. I love it! It’s so funny and clever! I cannot wait for it to come to a store. Get going girl!!!!

  39. Anyone in this situation can fully appreciate this song. My best friend and I love listening to this song and laughing at the men in our lives that we’d love to sing it to. It’s upbeat and a feel-good song. I’ve heard some of Sarah’s other music and have loved all of it. She’s going to be a chart-topper.

  40. I have to say – this song rocks! If you’ve ever wanted to look at an ex and sum up the relationship by using just one finger – this song is it. The lyrics are right on cue and the way Sarah sings the song is truly authentic country the way it is suppose to be sung. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  41. PLEASE~~~~~~~Sarah said that she was an innocent gal who grew up in the country. Well she got grounded for listning to faith hill’s music that is not as nasty as this song so is that saying that she is not a good person to look up to. Also i am from nicholasville and i went to church with sarah in lexington. She was trying to do good well that was after her WILD apperance on Spring Break. Sarah is not a sweet gal who grew up eatin southern cookin. Yea you are right about the talk will get more attention BUT WHO WANTS NEGATIVE ATTENTION. From what i know she was sent away from her LIL COUNTRY VILL NICHVEGAS TO GET and STAY out of trouble………………. Pollard is not where she spent her time milkin cows and cookin southern meals


  43. Pollard, is just a back road in jessamine county kentucky. I dont know why the manager or producer made it seem like pollard is just some little one lane TOWN OR CIty IN INSSELF she is from nicholasville maybe they dont want to make it seem like she has a connection to gentry or john micheal.
    Well sarah KEEP IT REAL
    Stephanie i know the both of you and i also know that the both of you were not liked well in high school MAYBE that is why the both of you had to move out of this LITTLE TOWN to even get a new start

  44. you know i read the post about the faith hill song above. That is true if you wrote a song that is this blunt with the chosen words, and you got grounded for listning to songs like this one why would you not want to be a rolemodel and understand that parents dont like their children to listen to trash. And by the way how old were you when you got grounded for listning to that song, you are pretty young.
    this page is not looking good for you sarah i dont know you but i have read about you and i do know one thing a lie will lead to another one and another one then too many to catch up to also DONT PUT DOWN OTHER ARTIST YOU WILL NEVER BE FAITH HILL MAYBE SHE DONT LIKE WHAT YOU SAID MAYBE SHE WILL FROWN AT YOUR NEGAITVE LYRICS

  45. You people on here from Kentucky should be ashamed of yourselves for not supporting someone who made it from there. Sounds like jealousy to me. I hope whoever runs this post REMOVES all of these silly small town catty comments that DONT APPLY to Sarahs music.

    Sarah Johns will be famous regardless. Lets get over talking about her personal life. You all must not have one.

  46. well actually i am very proud of her she has done great i am from nicholasville but lets not get too excited about this kentucky girl we are about to see what kentucky is all about with Candace Lynn

  47. I agree with Shaundra……Who cares if someone hiding as anonymous says Sarah wasn’t liked in high school…..Sounds like they’re still in high school……Sarah didn’t put down any artist….She said that she was grounded when she was little for listening to Faith Hill…..That means she’s a fan of Faith Hill…..Pay attention….Her song’s about a girl giving the bird to a guy that fooled around on her…..That’s not harsh……Anonymously criticizing Sarah while she’s trying to get her career going, that’s harsh…..The song’s a hit……She’s proud of where she came from…..I’m not sure why…..Kentucky sure doesn’t seem to be too supportive of their own…..Sarah’s gonna be a star, with or without the support of a couple jealous people from Pollard or Nicholasville or wherever you backstabbers are from…..Except for Montgomery Gentry, it’s been a while since Kentucky brought us a Country Star…..It’s about time…..Go Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I heard this song for the first time. I LOVE IT. Not since Lorretta has there been someone who will tell it like it is. GO SARAH!

  49. This song has helped me a lot. It is identical to a situation I have recently been in. I can’t wait to hear more of her music!

  50. Just want to say I LOVE this song I smile when i hear it And it just a song that lots of ppl thhink of and i thought of one person and if he reads this Ron C you know who i talking about I LOVE THIS SONG I really do i look for a hour the first time i heard it and could not find it I LOVE it i hope she keep up this stuff FUN and clean i buy any of her cd i dont buy any ever but hers i will I can not wait till i hear another of her song WOOOOOOOOOOT GREAT SONG and great voice

  51. i heard about this song from a guy at work who thought it was very funny. i’ll have to say that i agree. just remember…don’t take it out unless you’re willing to use it.

  52. I’ve been excited about this song for a long time, and I finally heard it last night. I was not in the least bit disappointed! First thing I did at work this morning was download it to a playlist. And when the CD comes out later this month, I plan on going to get it. The only suggestion I have to offer is that maybe, eventually, we could hear a duet with Sarah’s brother??? Josh has got one hell of a voice too! =) Congrats to Sarah, keep up the good work!

  53. This song is such an anthem for me. I can’t wait to get the whole CD. Sarah has a great voice that differs from many of today’s artists! I wish her all the success in the world.

  54. I heard the song on Music Choice on cable and lust laughed! I ran in to see who was singing it. I personally think it is great to be able to say what you’re thinking without it really being offensive. Instead, it is creative. I hope Miss Sarah does well! She has a great voice!

  55. This is so funny…. I knew that “cornbread” and “pond” speech was too much… I am sick of hearing about either of them when her name is mentioned. I think it is fabricated. The song is horrible… all of the tracks sound the same (ones I hear on myspace). BORING BORING BORING.

  56. I don’t like the song – at all.
    By the way – when your in the spotlight – people talk about your personal life. That is just the way it is – right or wrong.

    I hate it for her, but I don’t think she is here to stay. Maybe a one hit wonder at best. Sorry gal!

  57. Wasn’t there a Sarah Johns (singer) about 20 years ago with a hit. I can’t remember the name of it, but can remember the name. How are there two. Is this her real name?
    By the way, I think you are really good.

  58. Her record is out this week. I love what she has to say about relationships and to independent women all over this country. She is BRAVE and incredible. Her video comes out this week I heard. You can hear some of her record on WOW, I love this artists sooooooooooo much. Getcha some

  59. First…if you’re gonna review someone’s song, get their name right. Her last name is Johns, not Jones the way you write it in the review.

    Second…I LOVE this song. It’s different than anything we’ve heard in a long time and what a great twist on telling that certain someone off!

    Rock on Sarah…keep it up!!

  60. I saw the video yesterday and it rocks as much as the song. I hope this girl will go far if she gets the right chance. What sucks is that this critic actually thinks they have some influence or knows talent. I hope everyone goes out and votes for this video on CMT and GAC for her. She seems like the real deal and we havent seen that in a long time…. atleast not since Gretchen Wilson.

  61. The CD is fantastic. Lots of potential #1 singles on there and wide variety in song choice that really showcases her voice and talent. Awesome. Retract the claws people, your jealousy is showing!

  62. I’m still unsure about what I think about the song, but ya, I think she’s got a lot of talent and i can’t wait to hear more of her songs

  63. All I have to say is…………. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah! This is such a mile stone at just the beginning of your music career. You are still so young and beautiful, and God has lots more in store for you. I like and respect the fact that you are willing to say “f…. you” right on TV………….which all of us have wanted to say to that one person who has hurt us so deeply in the past.
    I am very happy for you………………………….Remember, God has a bright future for you, plans to bring you hope and prosper you. Don’t worry gal, you’ve got it in the bag! Heather and I watched the video together, (for my first time), and I just got chills. You look great, and your confidence is wonderful. I wish you the very best, and again, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it, now how does it feel?

  64. Wow, was that really necessary? Its ok to voice your view about the CD because thats what this post is about. But, must we resort to bashing Sarah personally?

    Sarah, honey, you got a talent and God has you in the palms of his hands. Those people who hate are the ones who don’t have a life and don’t want to see you succeed. All you can do is pray for them and Thank them when you make it to the top for making you stronger. For every one person out there that must resort back to elementary, there are 100 who absolutely LOOOOVE your music.

  65. Whoever mans this site, should be ashamed to let comments like mad mike’s on here…..If that kind of nonsense is what this site is about, I’ll be the first to go somewhere else to read reviews….And take a few people with me…..It’s no wonder mike’s mad…He’s da idiot.

  66. I agree with “Concerned”. Please pay close attention to the comments you make. My 11 year old girl reads this site and she is a huge Sarah Johns fan.
    Please be respectful.

    Georgia Mom

  67. Read above from the beginning as well. There are a few others which have nothing do to with the music which should be deleted as well. Thanks for cleaning up.

  68. I was good friends with Sarah’s mom, and we spent many, many hours at their house on the side of the mountain in Pollard as Sarah was growing up. My daughters still have memories of going to Pollard and spending time at their house. We even made a few trips to swim in the river together. Sarah, don’t know if you ever read this blog, but if you do, tell your mom I love her and miss her. :)

  69. It’s unfortunate that the label chose to push the weakest song on the CD to push to radio., The CD itself is really terrific – the best major label album by a female artist released this year , and one of the few that actually is a COUNTRY record . E

    Even so, I’d give this song a B

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  71. I just seen the video on CMT and it is hilarious. Love the song and the voice is unique and authentic. You don’t hear em like that anymore.

  72. As a sucker for uptempo songs, I really enjoyed this one. I didn’t notice the backup singers, so I’ll have to listen again. I think, however, that they must not have bothered me, since I don’t really remember them.

  73. I think what a lot of people from Kentucky, myself included, are bristling at is the Nashville marketing machine’s portrayal of Sarah as countrier-than-thou. It may be partly true — I mean, anybody who was born and raised in Kentucky is bound to have some country roots — but the way they play up those country stereotypes is disheartening. Pollard, for instance, the “town so small it doesn’t even appear on a map,” a) does appear on a map (go MapQuest it), and b) may have been an independent township 100 years ago, but nowadays would just be considered a part of Nicholasville, as would numerous small communities or neighborhoods in the surrounding area. But Nicholasville is so common, so undistinguished, or whatever, that they chose to play up here semi-small-town roots.

    As far as the embellished country résumé goes, I lived in the same neighborhood as Sarah throughout high school and went to high school with her, and if she was anything like most of the girls in my high school, she spent more time at Fayette Mall (in Lexington, Nicholasville’s more cosmopolitan neighbor to the north) as she did making mud pies and riding horses or whatever else the marketeers in Nashville chose to spotlight. It’s just a shame that talented artists can’t just be artists, they have to be characters, brands, stereotypes, whatever you want to call it.

    I don’t know her personally and I don’t listen to country music, so I won’t comment on those things, but it is pretty cool to see someone from Nicholasville getting recognition. Hopefully she won’t have as much trouble dealing with the bright lights as some of our Nich-Vegas luminaries have.

    Good luck, Sarah.

  74. I too went to school with sarah, and she was not a very nice person then. But, people grow up and mature and I hope that she’s not that same snotty cheerleader that she was. That being said, I am a little jealous…lol Good luck to her.

  75. i luvvv this song

    i would tottaly rate this as a 10!!! she puts so much heart in her music! like who writes about flipping people OFF????? that girl has a gift. i hope everybody enjoyys this song as much as i do!!!!!!!

  76. yeah I thought it was funny that her record company was saying she was from pollard and not nicholasville and even saying she made mud pies for fun lol. I dont know sarah personally but I knew her younger brother and that her family had more money than most of the kids she went to high school with. I remember when sarah was on mtv spring break in 2002! shes gorgeous and a really really talented singer, I think her record company could have potrayed her life a little more accurate.

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