Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, “I Need You”

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, “I Need You”

Most of the time, these two superstars just take turns singing backup and call it a duet. This is only the second full-fledged collaboration the two have done, the other being the treacly power ballad “Let’s Make Love.” This romantic plea is infinitely better, a fiery, pleading declaration of passion and need. McGraw sounds great using his lower register, but it’s Hill’s performance that sends this record soaring. I found myself, as most men probably do, wishing to take McGraw’s place.

This is the first time they’ve fully captured on record the chemistry that they have. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them win their third collaborative Grammy next February for this killer performance.

Grade: A

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  1. Wouldn’t “It’s Your Love” and “Like We Never Loved At All” count, or am I misunderstanding what you mean by full-fledged? Either way, you’re right that this is way better than “Let’s Make Love,” though I think “Like We Never…” is still the best thing they’ve done together.

  2. it’s your love and like we never loved at all are more backup, on it’s you love faith is singing and tim does back up and on it’s your love it’s the opposite. on this one tim sings the first verse and faith sings the second one. i like how they are never singing at the same time, but i think the only really good part of this siong is when faith is singing the refrain

  3. This song hits it right out of the ballpark. Amazing. You’re right, Faith Hill sounds better than ever. Her voice is more sultry and textured than it was in her earlier years. It would actually be interesting to hear her re-record some of her earlier stuff now. I wish she had more than one verse in this song.

  4. “I Need You” is truly a powerful romantic ballad and if you think it is good on the CD, their live version brings silence (the pin drop kind) to thousands in concert and results in standing ovations that are extremely LOUD in nature! The chemistry and vocals between Tim and Faith are amazing and beautiful, to say the least.

    Although this is Tim’s song, it is Faith Hill who gives this record the sultry country punch it needs to be a hit. I had the opportunity to hear this song in concert in 2006 and 2007 and Mrs. McGraw was vocally flawless both times! There is an undeniable chemistry and passion between Tim and Faith on this song that can be heard as well as seen! I will be disappointed if they aren’t nominated for a Grammy in February! Well done Mr. and Mrs. McGraw, absolutely amazing! I will give this song an A+!

  5. I like that Tim wasn’t tempted to have them sing together on this song. In fact, I think it was a creative idea. Like has already been said, Tim does a great job, but Faith really takes it over the top, in a good way. I think “If You’re Reading This” may have slowed its progress down though, because that’s a great song too. I’ll write more about that song on the right thread.

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