Jamie Slocum, “Say Hello to Heaven”

Jamie Slocum, “Say Hello to Heaven”

This is beautiful, a man speaking to his wife who died in a car accident because of a reckless drunk driver. He’s asking for strength to raise the daughter left behind, and for help from Jesus to forgive “the man in that other car.” A lot of times records like this can be manipulative and contrived, but this feels authentic and real – proof that sometimes, less is more. Much, much more.

Grade: B+

Listen: Say Hello to Heaven


  1. I just heard this song on the radio in Phx, AZ. KNIX
    I was to say the lease blown away..WoW yes very authentic and very real!

  2. please continue playing jamie slocums new song, :say hello to heaven: We all loved it very much. continue to play it a lot.

    Teachers at school

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