Collin Raye, “A Soldier’s Prayer”

Collin Raye, “A Soldier’s Prayer”

Wow, talk about bad timing. Tim McGraw debuts “If You’re Reading This”, the most powerful soldier song I’ve ever heard, on the ACM’s and brings down the house. Then poor Collin Raye sends this pitifully earnest plea for soldiers to pray to God, promising He’s listening. They say nobody’s an atheist in a foxhole, so I can understand the temptation to proselytize the soldiers when they’re at their most fearful, but what a patronizing, clumsy attempt this is at doing so. In terms of my personal beliefs, Raye was preaching to the choir, and I still didn’t find it convincing.

Grade: C

Listen: A Soldier’s Prayer

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  1. I can’t believe someone coould be so cold hearted, and write such a negative review, to such a beautiful meaningful song… Whom ever wrote the review should listen to the song again… Just because Tim was on AMC, dosen’t mean that his song is more meaningful… As someone who writes reviews.. should get all there facts right.. P.S. When he performed this song in front of the Military they LOVED.. Really when it comes down to it, it’s there opinion that matters..

  2. Soldiers Prayer is an incredible uplifting song for the Military and their familes.
    Many Military have heard this song “Live” as Collin performed it and they are loving it.
    The poor misguided soul who wrote this negative post will soon see the “Wow”
    impact from “A Soldiers Prayer”!! The Military are behind it 100%!! Mr Tim “Hill’s”
    song can’t begin to compare!!

  3. At least proceeds from Collin Raye’s song are going to help the wounded soldiers ( … Tim’s just getting his name on the charts again.

  4. A SOLDIER’S PRAYER is a wonderful song and it will let the soldiers and their families know that they are being thought of and prayed for. Collin will definitely have a hit with “A SOLDIER’S PRAYER”. Whoever wrote the review needs to definitely listen to the song again.

  5. Angie,

    Your statement about McGraw is incorrect. The song is not commercially available and is not on his album which came out last month. McGraw passed on the opportunity to promote his album by singing a song from it, and did the soldiers tribute instead. To accuse him of just wanting to get his name on the charts is simply false.

  6. The review of Collin Raye’s new single, “A Soldier’s Prayer” is so untrue it makes me sick!!! Tim McGraw does not come close to Collin in talent or in integrity. Collin has the most gifted voice of anyone in country music. Too bad there are so many politics involved in the music industry that a true, God-given talent is not recognized. Just because Collin doesn’t play the games that most artists do, he gets shunned by the industry. True fans of Collin know that he put his heart and soul into this song and for anyone to not give him the credit he deserves is sadly missing a heart.

  7. I feel bad for anyone who thinks such a warm hearted song could be anything but beautiful. Everyone who’s heard it has loved it. It’s sad when someone says such negative things about someone who’s so deserving of praise! Who ever wrote that review should really find another job!!

  8. I can not even think someone who is supporting the troops can get such negetive comments sent their way. This is a beautiful song and if your a fan of Collin”s you know he sings it with such heart because he believes it. By the way can there ever be too much support for our soldiers? What does it matter if Tim came out with a song? I hope Collin relizes how proud is fans are of him!!!!!

  9. Wow, that didn’t take long. Not liking Collin’s song means not supporting the troops. How disgustingly vapid and immoral of you. My recently deceased father was a veteran and I know many people who have close family members serving, and I pray for them every day. You should be ashamed of yourself for insinuating that disliking this song means being against the men and women who serve our country.

  10. Lousy review. It’s a beautiful song, absolutely beautiful. And Collin sings it like no other can. I can’t wait to buy it !!

  11. Well, I want to say first that my comment(opinion) on this song is not coming from someone who thinks Collin Raye can sing no wrong…But secondly I have to voice my opinion on this song and want to tell you that I was even surprised to hear that he was releasing a new single. I found this link to this song and i am a Collin Raye fan,so naturally I followed it. I still hope Collin can get back some of the respect that he deserves,by the way..
    As for the song, Collin is singing it from the heart,in that beautiful voice of his,and I think the review Must have come from someone who has been doing this too long,and lost themselves to the industry. How can anyone be so judgemental about a song that apparently is coming straight from the heart of someone who understands,and has real feelings for our soldiers? For anyone to disrespect that,is awful. Maybe the person that wrote such a review has forgotten that we have living breathing soldiers out their right now,that apparently like the message in song. God Bless You,Collin!

  12. I have listened to this song again and again, everytime I am so moved. As a Mother of a 19 year old son who was deployed to Iraq last Aug. I want to say thank you for this message of hope for our son’s and daughters at war. I so appreciate the message that Mr Raye is putting forth. As for the person who wrote such negative remarks, Maybe they should walk a mile in anothers shoes, then maybe they would understand the meaning, and the message that Mr Raye so beautifully put into song. God Bless our Troops.

  13. It is a great song, just like most of Collin Raye’s stuff. He is truly an honest, nice, sincere guy…..and also knows how to go out and have fun and rock the house with his lively shows. Many singers seem to be “studio” singers, as in they don’t sound half as good performing live, but Collin is a great live performer.

    A Soldier’s Prayer is a great song and I think country music listeners will love it if it gets out to mainstream, chart climbing airplay status.

    If the person that wrote the review doesn’t believe in God, how can she like McGraw’s song, when it states “I’m already home” several times, which is obviously referring to heaven.

    Country music (maybe all music) is so full of picks and politics is is sickening sometimes.

  14. For the record, the reviewer – me – is a “he”. and of course I believe in God, and I do love many religious songs. Just not this one.

  15. I have a son in Iraq who is a Christian and I love the song. I pray for him daily and I want him talking to God every chance
    he gets.

  16. My brother was taken from this world on 6-6-07 in Iraq…and this is the song we want played at his funeral, which will be held on the 19th of this month….SHAME ON YOU!!!

  17. My husband is in Iraq now and i everytime i hear this song it just makes me want to take care of him and keep him safe. It is a beautiful song.

  18. I was just told about your song so I came to the website as soon as I heard bout it, I listened to the song for the first time, and was very moved. My husband was just deployed, and it is the hardest thing me and my 2 little girls,(2, and 3 yrs. old) have ever been through! They ask about their Daddy all of the time! They also make sure that we pray for him every night at the dinner table, and also before we go to sleep!! This is once again a very touching song and I think that it is great that there are still artist’s out there singing about our HERO’S. Whoever is sying otherwise does not know what all the families of these soldiers are going through!

  19. I just got a call from a guy that I would love to spend the rest of my life with, telling me that he will be on the front line in 3 days…I heard this song and it gave me hope that maybe God will bring him home alive and in one piece, mentally and physically so that we can start a family. He is 21 yrs old. Even if this song was sung by someone that could sing a lick, I would still love it. It’s what’s in the heart that counts. For you to give such a bad review, I think maybe you should look up to God and ask him where you misplaced your own heart! I pray for all our men/women over there. Colling, keep up the good work! And thank you so much for this beautiful song.

  20. I have’nt heard the Collin Raye song, but I have heard the most powerful dedication song to date. A song called “My Soldier Prayer.” Written and recorded by The Strokin’ Dixie Band. I urge you to take a listen. You can hear it on their web site, or google Strokin’ Dixie, or My Soldier Prayer.

  21. I have heard this song only twice and I think it is one of the touching and real songs I have ever heard for a wartime song. We need more songs like this. I am so glad someone could have come up with a song that our soldiers really need. My son is over thiere and I tell him he is never alone. This songs goes along with what I told him. Just reach out your hand and he will take it. Thank you Collin for this beautiful song and may God Bless you.

  22. Regardless of the quality of the song, it definitely That song definitely hits a heartstring for many. You might be interested in knowing that Collin Raye and Jim Brickman are doing a tribute concert October 11 – hopefully including a performance of “A Soldier’s Prayer.”

    The concert will be webcast for free. Pre-Registration is required.

    More details and registration at:

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