Josh Turner, “Firecracker”

Josh Turner, “Firecracker”

This is one of those songs that could easily be dismissed as a ditty, a simple little love song that stretches its titular metaphor until it almost breaks.    What elevates it far above mediocrity is the infectious, flawless vocal performance from Josh Turner, who is emerging as the best pure country vocalist of his generation.   I’d go as far as to call him a male Patty Loveless because of his ability to create a performance that is traditional without sounding derivative or dated.

His confidence as a singer is growing; check out the deep growl that prefaces the first verse.    How wonderful that a man who seemed like a one-hit wonder at first is turning into his generation’s standard-bearer for traditional country music.

Grade:  A-

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  1. There’s no vocal adjuster used on his voice either… i heard him live at Renfro Valley in Kentucky with my g/f and he shook the building… i’d listen to anything this guy sings… pure country… A+

  2. Josh Turner has the best voice I have ever heard in country music. His songs are the only songs I will get tired of hearing. He has true talent and is a TRUE COUNTRY musician. “Firecracker” is my new favorite song! I can’t want for his new album to come out in the fall!!! By the way, his new cracker barrel album is his best yet!!!!!

  3. I saw the talent in Josh from Long black Train. I was never a traditional country fan until i heard his voice then I looked into Jennings, Cash, Willie, while still enjoying the modern day country. Josh is my all time favorite male singer and I was afraid he would be a one hit wonder…and now hes a wonder alright. He brings his own personal twist to country music while still continuing the traditional sound and keeping the ears of the new generation lovers in check. Turner has everything I love in his music and this song is no different. I agree one hundred percent with this review.

  4. ahahahahahahah. I had the best laugh in a long time after hearing this song. It’s got to be one of the “countriest” tunes I’ve ever heard. WHAT the heck was he thinking when he wrote this? I mean how many beers did he have in him???

  5. this song is… cute. very playful, maybe even too playful for what i like to hear from josh, since his deep voice is sooo amazing in slower songs and stuff, but his voice isn’t capable of making a song sound bad, so… ya =)
    so basically, josh turner is amazing, and this song is also good, but not amazing.

  6. I don’t like this song a whole, but I am definitely a fan. I wish he had released “Angels Fall Sometimes” from his Your Man CD. I think that song was sweet and it showed off his range. I think it would have been a huge hit.

  7. OMG you are the best singer in the whole world i love ur song fire cracker it is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. judging from his vocal enthusiasm shown in this song – the girl/woman in question is probably more of a wet stick of matches than something quite explosive. once more, i can’t help but feeling that josh turner’s only concern is: me and my beautiful voice! mixing that with the essence of the material he sings seems to be almost toxic to him. all hope is not lost though, “Your man” and “Long black train” are evidence how it could be when he gets fully involved and tries to live up to his great potential. let’s hope he’ll manage the step from gifted singer to great artist.

  9. Dear Josh Hi my name is ashley owens i live in a small town in iowa I would like It if you would please come to my school At mormon trail high school in Garden Grove Iowa.I rreally love your eyes and your smile.And it would be cool if you could be my friend.

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