Flynnville Train, “Nowhere Than Somewhere”

Flynnville Train, “Nowhere Than Somewhere”

A decent idea that doesn’t get fully fleshed out.   They rely too much on the concept to sell the song.  It’s a cute play on words – “she’d rather be nowhere than somewhere with me” – as the girl goes back to her small town and leaves the big city and her man behind.   I think the reason it didn’t resonate with me is that I never learned enough about why she left in the first place, so I ended up not caring about him or her.    The necessary details just aren’t there.

Grade: C

Listen: Nowhere Than Somewhere


  1. You guys were awesome in Tampa with Toby! Also was great meeting you Brian at the Bull after your final performance! The band was great! Nowhere Than Somewhere is awesome! Can’t wait till your cd comes out Septembet 11.

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