Review: Billy Ray Cyrus, “Ready, Set, Don’t Go”

Billy Ray’s quite aware that his daughter’s huge success provides him an opportunity to restart his own musical career.   He’s crafted a single that could be heard to his country audience as a plea for his lover not to leave, but to his daughter’s fans as a father’s reluctance to let go of his little girl who is off to chase her dreams.    There is not one single line that clearly defines it as one or the other.

I’m happy to say that the song is pretty good in the end, though I wish his vocal was more lively.   What always made Billy Ray stand out as a singer was his intensity, not his precision, so he really should’ve let loose a bit more.   As comeback attempts go, though, it’s a solid one.

Grade: B

Listen: Ready, Set, Don’t Go

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  1. I agree its an awsome song and I also agree the production coulda been better. If it wasn’t for the video I wouldn’t have understood what he was saying. Great song though.

  2. I would have to agree that it’s a good song, but the vocals could me more lively. In fact, I think the vocals are completely dull. That’s why I don’t like this song.

    But I was extremely relieved to hear the new version with Miley Cyrus. Her vocals are more interesting, and make Billy Ray’s contrasting vocals more welcome. I much prefer the new duet version.

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