Montgomery Gentry, “What Do Ya Think About That”

They tried this tack before with “You Do Your Thing”, and the same dilemma surfaces.   It’s hard to believe that you don’t care what other people think about you if you’re taking the time to loudly claim to the world that you don’t care what other people think about you.    They doth protest too much.

That said, this is a much more entertaining record than “You Do Your Thing”, with their catchiest melody and hook since “If You Ever Stop Loving Me.”   I bobbed my head along in enjoyment, even as I disregarded the dead-on-arrival message of the lyrics.

Grade: B

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  1. kevin, i know im going to be waay off topic here, and for that i apologize, i didn’t know where else to put it. but I just wanted you know know that you are going to have to break out your review pen again, because there is a new Carrie Underwood single being relased to radio Monday. Its called “so small”, and it was co written by , Hilary Lindsey, Luke Laird, and Carrie…word on the street is that its going to be huge!

  2. Alright guys your gonna do your thing and not care what anybody thinks… we get the point… quit singing about it!

  3. oh everyone shut the hell up. The guys got they’re point across with “Hillbilly Shoes” and it is clear they can relate to their songs..but the song is also for the purpose of relating to the listener too.

    SO as far as I’m concerned this song is meant to entertain their rebellious fans and inspire those who are looked down upon for who they are not to express that thhey themsleves are rebels. They’ve made that point time and time again.

  4. don’t tell anybody to shut the hell up cowboy blue … you don’t know anyone on here and don’t call anybody out just state you opinion you jerk

  5. Not callin anyone out “T” and I don’t need to know anyone on this thing. I never called anyone out directly, I challenged their opinions as you challenged mine. You don’t know me either or my concept behind what i post. Who’s to say i’m a jerk. I think its really jerk-like to tell a singer to shut the hell up and not speak their mind because they always say the same thing. Thats like saying any heartbreak or love song should be looked down upon because its all the same thing even though its said differently.

  6. Decent song, but is this duo going to become Brooks & Dunn and just feature one of the singers on all their radio singles?

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