Big & Rich, “Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace”

The lyrics are great, and they should be knocking this one out of the park. Somehow, they just don’t. It sounded good within the context of the album, but it’s a bit of a slog hearing it on it’s own. I guess if you’re stuck between raising hell and amazing grace, you don’t have the fire burning in you that comes with being at the extremes. I’d remix this one to kick it into a higher gear.

Grade: B-

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  1. This is probably the best second single from the album. After a Rich-led song it was time for Kenny to have lead vocals, and of the many songs he had the lead on, it was (a) more radio-friendly than “Faster Than Angels Fly,” (b) more notable than songs like “High Five”, and (c) while “Eternity” is probably a better single candidate, it’s far too similar thematically to “Lost In This Moment” to follow it up immediately. I had heard rumors “Loud” would be next, but it’s too similar to “Play Something Country” (thematically and by the nature it’s not really country at all), and I seriously doubt that they’ll release a single that neither of them wrote (which eliminates “Angels,” “Loud,” and sadly, “You Shook Me.” Depending on the length of time this song stays on the charts, I predict “Eternity” and “You Never Stop Loving Somebody” as the last two singles (if the chart time is long, then only one) before they release their fourth album, probably in fall 2008 if their past is any indication. This song should peak at about #15.

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