Jason Aldean, “Laughed Until We Cried”

I like the song and I like the artist, so it’s good to hear him back with something strong.   This is a big improvement over “Johnny Cash.”  I’m a sucker for these three act songs, and I must say it didn’t go quite in the direction I expected it to.   His vocal is a little too processed on the chorus, but other than that, this one’s a keeper.

Grade: B+

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  1. Good decent song. No where near what “why” was, but a good song by one of the best new acts out. My only critisim is that it shows off his biggest weakness as a singer and that is it’s too nasaly. When it his the chorus it sounds like he’s holding his nose. Especially on the word “cry”.

  2. I’m not much of an Aldean fan. I hated “Johnny Cash” because it had nothing to do with Johnny Cash except drop the name. I did enjoy Hick Town though. I thought I would like him when I heard that song, but I really don’t.

  3. This is definitely my favorite by him along with “Why.”The lyrics were beautifully written, I love the music in it, and the vocals are pretty good although he does get a little nasaly in some parts.

  4. The worst singer I’ve ever seen
    Was some short guy named Jason Aldean
    In a cowboy hat
    Man, I laughed at that

    The little dude thought he could sing
    Sporting a couple of ladies earrings
    Looking like some brat
    With a voice so flat

    Oh, man, he was willing
    But my ears, he was killing
    The Chesney legacy has no pride
    I laughed until I cried

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