Garth Brooks, “More Than a Memory”

The big guy returns with a solid single.  He sounds great on the verses, and I love the way the chorus builds.    I’m pretty sure I hear Trisha helping him get to those high notes.   My only complaint is the heavy doses of that operatic thing he does when trying to sound dramatic.   This is one of those Garth records that clearly demonstrates that Billy Joel is one of his biggest influences, precisely because he tries to emulate Joel when he’s being overly theatrical.   It’s not on par with what made him a legend in his own time, but it’s good enough to justify his return to the hit parade.

Grade:  B+

Listen: More Than a Memory


  1. I am feeling the same way I did about the new Trisha Yearwood song with this one. I love hearing Garth’s voice, and I love that he has new music, but this song is not blowing me away. I know not every song will, but for the first new single in a long time from Garth, I think I was expecting more.

  2. I loved it, if you’ve ever lost someone you loved with all your heart you do all those things. It hit right at home for me. Maybe it didn’t sound like the original Garth, but if it had people would’ve been saying “oh he sounds the same as he always does.” Diversity shows just how talented someone really is.

  3. This song is so amazing. Blake is right in that if you’ve ever lost someone who was everythign to you, weather lsot teh relationship pr they ost their life you do do all these things… and Garth sings is amazingly, you can feel him puoring hsi emotion into this song. True its not what Garth usually sings, but Change, in this case, is good. If he’s coming back with more songs like this, i cant wait for his next album to come out. Well done Garth!

  4. I like it, a lot. To the critics saying it isn’t the garth they like, hey, you can’t expect a person to keep singing the same style their whole life now can you? Picasso had his blue period, and he’s famous, if garth wants to try something different, let him

  5. Garth could sing the ABC’s and I would love it! The song starts out slow, but five seconds into it, he has you and he won’t let go. The beat picks up and you are saying “bring it Garth, bring it!!!” He brings it: its in his voice; its in his lyrics; its in the beat; it leaves you wanting more! I say “give me another one Mr. Brooks!”

    I can handle it!!!! :)

  6. I love Garth, but this song really isn’t his best work at all. I think he needs to go back and take new voice lessons – he’s pretty rough and doesn’t hit the notes well at all – he had me and my daughter cringing throughout the song, particularly on the longer notes. Yikes! Went back and compared his current voice to an old song – night and day! I think if this was a new artist they would be kicked to the curb with that voice.

    And I love Garth! I was very disappointed!

  7. My first thought was (not knowing who sang it) “this is a Billy Joel song”. Just now doing research was very surprised to find out it was Garth. What an awesome, meaningful song. Keep it coming!

  8. I am so glad Garth is back with such a GREAT song. This song is so true. When you love someone and then they are gone, this is what happens. True love is hard to find, but when you do it hurts so bad to loose.

  9. WOW!! This song GRABBED me and WILL NOT let go. I LOVE his voice and the song! The SONG!! It’s SO real. I can’t believe how well the lyrics describe my own love lost experience. I can’t get it out of my head.

  10. Oh my goodness I LOVE this song!!! I can’t wait for the new album, I want it now. The song is so real, so true…. The first time I heard it, I stopped what I was doing and just listened. It blew me away, and still does. This song is by far my favorite! :)

  11. I know this will not be a popular statement but Country Music misses Garth Brooks. We need him. I need him and this new single does not disappoint. I had quit listening to Country radio for awhile as each song sounds just like the next one. Garth breathes new life back into a stale time in country. I for one, can’t wait until the new release.

  12. No one compares to Garth Brooks, and while I admit that if anyone else sang this song it wouldn’t be nearly as popular (or enjoyable), it does fill the cup of those who miss his music so much. I have no doubt that he will make more groundbreaking sounds like those in his glory days, when the time is right. What he is releasing now is what he chooses to involve himself in now and I personally am thankful that he chooses to do anything musically at all at this time in his life. Thanks Garth, for remembering your fans, while focusing on your family. You are missed and every little bit keeps those who love you and your work waiting for the day you return with more!

  13. This song is definitely blowing me away!!! I absolutely love it and love singing and playing it on guitar. I never much listened to him in the 90s….I don’t know why. But I am a new fan!

  14. I really enjoy this song. The lyrics are awesome, the music is great, but the vocals are just ok. He has gotten pretty rough, but it’s good to have Garth back and hopefully his voice will come back to full potential.

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