Bucky Covington, “It’s Good to Be Us”

He’s much stronger when tackling upbeat material, and it’s hard not to find his enthusiasm on this song contagious, even if the lyrics themselves are as conventional as country music gets.   It’ll sound good loud as you’re driving down a road in the summertime, which is probably what his label is betting on by sending this to radio.    He’s not reinventing the wheel here, but it’s a solid performance nonetheless.

Grade: B

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  1. I love your description of Bucky’s enthusiasm being contagious. Everytime I listen to Bucky sing this song it brings a “life is good” feeling over me. I give “It’s good to be us”, a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!

  2. This is such a joyous song! It reminds me of my early years of marriage and how strong my marriage still is. A universal feel-good song that speaks to all genders and ages!!

  3. Your review of this song made me smile. That is exactly how I like to listen to this song: cruising down the road with the windows down and the volume up, and singing along! When it ends, I always think, it IS good to be us! I believe this will be a big hit for Bucky.

  4. This is such an upbeat feel good song. You will find me with the volume turned up on this one. It truly is “Good To Be Us” :)

  5. The first time I heard this song, I was foot-tapping and wiggling in my seat. It’s a really catchy tune and I have a feeling this song will be universally loved in all venues.

  6. This song is very catchy and very energetic!
    Bucky himself brings major energy to every one of his performances.
    Everytime I hear this song I can’t help but sing along and dancing — the message is so uplifting and positive and it reminds you that we even just for the simple things in life that we take for granted — It’s Good to Be Us.

  7. Are you kidding me!!!!! Nashville needs to take the autotune in the trash and show the world how this guy really sounds…. does anybody remember American Idol when this jackass was flipping his hair behind his ear and sounding like and idiot with his rasping of every note… ARE YOU KIDDING ME GUYS??? REALLY???

  8. “It’s Good To Be Us” is such a great song! It was released for radio airplay yesterday. Woohooooo! Bucky Covington is such an awesome entertainer! Anyone who hasn’t seen him live in concert since the days of when he was on American Idol have a HUGE awakening coming to them. THIS GUY HAS GOT THE GOODS AND HE KNOWS HOW TO DELIVER !!!

  9. I agree with the review on the part about his enthusiasm being contagious and that he gives an awesome performance, but that’s about as far as this record goes. This song is ok, mainly because of Bucky’s performance, but his last single was a little bit better.

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